Greta Ransom

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MEMO : 1967 early November - RANSOM-Whitehead marriage has Aristocrat visitors hasten to Whitehead twins :

Identical twins born 1930 Kenya : Sir RJRW employed West End brother PJPW employed British Museum NATURAL HISTORY Zoology-FISHES -

… DEMAND : that all letters-documents-all GIFTS, all correspondence of any kind addressed to Greta Ransom now Whitehead since 12 October 1967 be directed by the Royal British Post Office to two SCOTTISH TRIBES at London PLACES - All visitors to GRW be kept from her until arrangements made to STOP enquiries to her about GROTE RANSOM Estate …

… unfortunately WHITEHEAD twins have known ANGELA ( former Miss Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes Lyon -became a Duchess 1923 then a Queen 1937) since they are 6 years of age - she visits their schools - looking for WARDS of COURT - at risk are children of divorced parents with a title in family = King JOHN had Maid Marian as a WARD of COURT . It was very lucrative to the British CROWN OFFICE Estate = THUS : Estates-moneys-investments-careers of families are administered for WARDS of COURT : in charge half of the 20th century are ANGELA & her mother-in-law Queen MARY nee Teck of Germany : late 19th century an Alexandra of Denmark assisted - she married future King EDWARD VII = sometimes rich Americans paid his gambling mistakes -

` 1967 November : Scotland & Gross British & Scandinavian Aristocrat DECREE to Whitehead twins : that the father of Greta Ransom (Whitehead from October 1967) and his brothers, & all members of the RANSOM families to be refused entry to any household where the Ape-Eskimo Greta Ransom W. lives … Entry can be permitted to her mother Teresa Gordon R. & Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON the well known paedophile & sex maniac , Proprietor of a Club for Sexual Athletes - MEMO sometimes on his car has a sign ` member of Royal household `

1967 November - Explanation : Blackmail ? FAMILY HISTORY U.S.A. West VIRGINIA - PALMER - marries into WHITEHEAD 1929 :

RECORDS : Whitehead twins born Nairobi 1930 - 1934 father leaves with them fearing their death because of the madness of his wife their mother : 1942-45 unpleasant KENYA antics with 3 bad-taste Witch Doctors East Sheen Bungalow - forgotten by British Foreign Office whose purpose was to have them make lists of who wanted independence in BRITISH KENYA. 1946 Paris crime of twins - pity taken on Sir Philip Whitehead ...

1950 to 1960 KENYA further troubles of Whitehead twins = WITCHCRAFT early 1950s with mother Gertrud Ostrander PALMER of Wheeling West Virginia born 1907 - marriage 1929 to Philip Henry Rathbone WHITEHEAD of Wallingford - DIVORCE 1936 (DEBRETT Peerage) = GOP age 17-18 is placed in the family owned `NUT` HOUSE, Wheeling West Virginia, for trying to poison an old Aunt to get an inheritance - KENYA 1929-1934 : she mixes a home-brew of Southern USA witchcraft/KKK `blackberry hunting` / with obscene AFRICAN witchcraft of “ BAD BLACK FAMILIES ”

RECORDS : to 1964 November - Exhibits typical 1920s selfish crazy tricks - lots of DOPE of course - she cunningly left KENYA on a cargo boat when the Police were hunting for her - they wished to interview her about WITCHCRAFT killings 1950s - She faked documents to look as if she travelled on THE UGANDA liner. : Reports of the obscene Witchcraft Trials Kenya 1950s is in newspapers

1964 ENGLAND - Whitehead twins MOTHER arrives - begins a trail of Courts/Welfare/doctors - wants a house from son Rowland - learns he has MASSIVE DEBTS up to 45 thousand pounds … 1966 November she hears name RANSOM - believes girl at NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Miss Greta Ransom is very RICH - Her sister Mrs Joseph Sparkman New York Yacht Club family explains the great piece of RANSOM GROTE PHILANTHROPY - BUT the wonderful children of the GROTE HOMES of their childhood all killed by British in wartime - secret GENOCIDE - two-thirds of the great RANSOM ESTATE run by 3 young Ransom brothers since murder May 1938 of Mrs Margaret Grote whom she knew in New York : her nephew and his wife JEAN Weddell ballerina, the parents of the young Ransom boys, were murdered 1938 & 1939 by British … ESTATE kept low key Andre MALRAUX GUARDIAN deceived - not understood he and General de GAULLE surrounded by TRICKSTERS … Many non-accidental deaths -

Tells her sister to BEWARE … KEEP OUT ! ` Why not come home to West Virginia to all of the family - you can come up sometimes to us in New York … `

1970 August=Oxford - Mrs Sparkman dies in 1968/69 USA = their brother the well known Dr Dave Palmer, Urology Laboratory, Shawnee Hills, says she, sister Gertrude-Teddy, got her madness from their uncle CURREN Palmer “ made to SHOOT HIMSELF 1912 or he would be lynched by Wellsburg where he had maimed with DOPES a 4 year old boy & CURREN harmed other kids and their families - My sister Gertrude Teddy - seems she wished to have a divorce 1931 & get a big settlement after two years of marriage - family moneys tied up for TWINS b June 1930 - her crazy lifestyle in KENYA had Philip with twins pull out 1934 in 4 days - he felt she could get the twins killed …”

NB : 1936 she gets divorce England - no BIG SETTLEMENT because of her continuing Roaring 20s madness - Agreed by both sides of family WHITEHEAD -PALMER-SPARKMAN she have NO BIG SETTLEMENT or she gets madder - try put her into a College = 2nd World War 1939 September -

Records : 1968 Andre Malraux MINISTER of FRANCE - has Police records of WHITEHEAD years 1946 to 1950 to 56 shown him = he reads mother and twins are unstable - the husband has a title …comes to England to help … warns about madness of Teresa and her hatred of he and Greta, young Colin Frederick … known her since Christmastide 1924/25 Deauville and Paris …

NB: 1967 November - Again another Gross Britain DECREE issued in secret-silence & M O O N L I G H T at WESTMINSTER Seat of British Government & Crown ~~~

They begin in 1904 after the MURDER by Earl Lindsay & others of Thomas GROTE & spurt from 1933 upon the birth of G.R. another heir to Margaret Ransom Grote : All organised by certain EARLS & Lords of Scotland when shutters drawn candles lit … “ … WHITEHEAD identical twins addicted to HEDONISM - ROARING 1960s - BUT London Scarlet Town is awash with HEROIN & hard DOPES …” Greta Ransom and young people in the MUSEUMS world do NOT use DOPES … the work they do is to satisfying - PAST PRESENT FUTURE !

1967/69/70s to his early death - Doc Mengele HARRINGTON is to run down the health again of ANDRE MALRAUX GUARDIAN - FAST ~ There must be no SCARE as British Aristocracy experienced when MALRAUX and the Ape-Eskimo Greta Ransom tried get together twice in 1950s … & he and de GAULLE nearly got the WILLS and documents February 1960 … Philip Silverlee had his daughter murdered by British in Argentine May 1960 … other deaths when the vermin felt they were safe again …


Photograph below 1986 - Greta Ransom where her ancestors came Ancient ROMAN port of OSTIA - the photos are quite sharp but this scanner does not reproduce too well … I think we should be able to do better - also it will NOT enlarge …

These photos seem to reproduce better on FACE BOOK …

… we live and learn with the new technology …G.R. 2011