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1937 There was a painting of Greetha sitting with legs curled by the Island Jacopsholmen- sun rising on a snow peak -Lindsaybuggarhs took that to AMERICA 1957- painter is well known-Grandpa Ransom paid for it- I sat the whole painting-we were talking non-stop-his housekeeper would come say ‘he has to have a rest & his tea‘` I am 4 years-I have tea with her !

1962 IVY RANSOM March (I give her phrases from her bewilderment at my not knowing anything) `It was a dirty nation at the very top & they kept people about the globe so poorly educated-Thomas got his ideas-but Margarethe & her father had put a lot of money into the Poor- she was only 15 when she set up the Home for the widows & orphans Dussledorf-her father helped of course-

This violence & theft envy…the murders of the children in their HOMES had made him your poor Dad- your Father- so ill in 1945- He would not tell his brothers & me his sister at first- but then they learned of it- others knew-the dead children-  Other nations were in shock-there was no doubt WHICH NATION HAD DONE IT TO GET HOLD OF THE LANDS THE MONEYS-to prop up its DECLINE-now its EMPIRE HAD FALLEN- from their greed- Everyone was waiting for MALRAUX-but he got a job in France- we never saw him-he did not call- Your Dad says it was not his fault-messages were not from him…Your Detective has been good-& his friends…`

1937 SUMMER ANDRE-George his green-hazel glints & illuminations in his eyes hold my gaze but they are not always there-probably a trick of the light- does he make me think of the Greenland night-days with the lights ? 1933 November I only saw them when I was a few months old & cannot remember of course or my christening in our Jacopsholmen Island Church for the photos have been stolen by Doc Mengele Harrington for The Crown-The Crown-The Crown -he says he will be a Peer 1958- (these monsters often say things in 3s) When we flew up in our 3 Seaplanes October 1935 it was daylight but Margarethe who looks about 49 years in her 90s & rose like a dancer from her bed- has told me about the Greenland life-the lights-the happiness when she was a child on the beloved island & everybody sailed up for The Play Season which sometimes overran-the first year the 6 weeks was 7 months ! -She had written in her autobiography-& there were thousands of photos in our libraries- Margarethe Ransom married Tiggy GROTE her Father’s Ward in our Church 1863 - Greenland has been refused its INDEPENDENCE again 1862-The Danes are broke !  They have had another War- They want to abuse the North-Greenland more & more to get dough- I did not know the Lindsaybuggarhs role when I was 3 years-at 5 years 1938 I know it well-that’s why they attack me-as they do lots of children in their Mob who have some moneys…They should be axed-or put on chains to build our Universities to POUL & to Aylovedah-Maria & her husband JAMES the Weddell Sea-North Pole & Sud Pole…

1947 Summer -Mengele Harrington broke into JO’S CUPBOARD IN THE CHATEAU- here are her writings-he went through everything taking a boyfriend-Andre did not know until 1960 about these break-in & Entries for The British Nobles & Crown- It is a building & garden sacred to ANDRE & JOSETTE their two sons Pierre & Vincent-their home !

Mengele Harrington this paedophile sadist a bestial obscene ex-prisoner ex-Asylum for psychiatric criminally insane -

An Employee of Great Britain Nobles of Government & Crown from 1938… friend of Angela- he went up to Balmoral on one visit of 4 days 1950s- (I suppose he has a first name-I never heard it-he is always Mengele to everybody who has had to meet him-he is a member of a Cult of Saint Michael-fallen-the DEVIL)

JO’S PLACE- the Chateau ANDRE MALRAUX has bought- where they lived until her horrible death on the railway line-JO threatened by 2 Gunmen sent by the British Consul to kill she & Andre-they demanded the Post/mail received from GROTE BROKERS New York October 1944... 1947 Mengele calling himself doctor Harrington will have taken Clara perhaps- They both were in a horrible rage at the Winnclemanns` at Clacton-on-Sea July 1947- Threatening them `for the divorce Andre had got from she-after the marriage when he was 20 years-he now 45 & wanting a wife who did not `go on the town painting it scarlet-every town including Moscow….`

Harrington-Mengele & Clara- he her toy-boy from 1938- they are both insane on heroin & all the other dopes used by them & that mileu-starting often as early as 12 years of age/records/ Mengele begins to SEARCH through JO’s WRITINGS in the cupboard-to destroy any reference to SUMMER Essex 1937- he will have come upon the Autobiography of Margarethe-girl-of-the snows RANSOM-he is earning big moneys spying on ANDRE MALRAUX-but his Noble British Employers have not told him the truth- It is November 3rd 1953 when he know all-& vows to destroy all of the name RANSOM-Weddell-San Julian-Gronlander-he is told he will have an Unholy Order-become a CUR or a Peer-a Lewd…Mr Mengele Doc Harrington takes a vow to destroy all distant branches-all who know of GROTE HOMES- RANSOM line- given birth from a girl Ransom- is on the 1st voyage with Columbus-the little ship that turned back…records/Captain Alan Villiers knew this too- Mengele has contracted to receive a great amount of moneys & to be able to use our properties overseas for his dirty life-hunting little boys-killing people with his case of poison needles…(by 1967 Mengele is using  used Tea-bags on a plastic mound…they pollute the globe-they all know the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN have been slain the globe to get them dough…)

1937 SUMMER ANDRE MALRAUX His eyes Andre George do remind me though of the marsh gases pool which we have seen this August-and we will again summer 1945 with JO’s presence her spirit her voice in his ears…In this first year of his widowhood he very fragile in his body movements- a slow grace hath he- wrapped in sea-mists in his grief-  Not as 1937 swaying sweeping into each day.   As in 1937 here at the seaside again in 1945 Andre Malraux is studying people- ‘infra-structure’ working conditions what people all about the town the lands think about everything in their lives & what they read in the newspapers & think about Spain in 1937-Entertainments for grown-ups-children-activities in the countryside Now Colonel ANDRE eagerly talks to anyone- learning what they will do now WAR is over- 5 years of War just ended…

Ravel’s Pavanne for a Dead Princess is the music of summer 1945   & Debussy Preludes & La Mer- Glenn Miller Moonlight Serenade- Victoria Calendar for the Church Year & Claudio Monteverdi-Gounod- Marc Antoine Charpentier Mass for Xmas Eve-

1946 November rehearses the Charpentier beautifully-

MASS for Christmas Eve with The Our Lady Church Choir Clacton-on-Sea across from the Walpole Towers Hotel-seafront-

An Important Performance-I will be singing alone-he in my understanding- George Widower ANDRE MALRAUX to whom  I am now ENGAGED-to marry…I cannot believe  something of happiness is going to happen to me- accounts-notes-tapes -

1937 I am a strong young person with a humanist family Ransom about me- Catholic Gordons-Williams Irish side-  Lennie & I as heirs Grote Homes Ransom Estate are young Warriors of Peace-

I945 I too am fragile as George Colonel ANDRE- I being grasped hold of by SHEshe- & her noble monsters all as insane as bestial mad as it is possible to be-they have slain the world’s Grote children- & are slashing our well wooded Reserves settlements seashores about the globe. Using the hideous grotesque power of a penniless self-proclaimed Morgue of divinities…

1937- I cannot study people as he George-ANDRE does-life is too busy at 4 & a half years-sometimes horrific- ask any child this age what they would do faced with these matters-they will cope according to the EARLY LEARNING- I will print up how to escape from a INCA mound-but it was the Mound at Alexandra Palace-& they were coming back that night to kill me October 1936-

I would like that bronze of the man playing croquet…it sold in the 1980s I think-for not very much- The figure gave me hope !   Down the hedge I creep- find the poorer end of the road-find the poor persons Police Station-not the UPMARKET one-& give the name address telephone number of Jerusalem Deptford…grandpa in Battle of Jutland & Tall sailing ships-name RANSOM- I was safe- & taken home -

I was 3 years 8 months old & had travelled 8 months from Poles Nord to Sud since I was 2 years & 8 months old…being adopted as The Aelovemdah by The INCA kin-in honour of Aunt Mag & SAN JULIAN Roman Catholic scholar the Inca boy his daughter Mrs James Weddell SEA…Len was very proud-his mother JEAN ballerina `The Firebird`- Jean had to agree as grand-daughter of Aelovemdah-Maria San Julian Mrs James Weddell married 1824-killed age 21 years leaving 2 boys 7 & 6 years- James & John San Julian Weddell-

1930s I must use the bolt holes in our own sweet little home Old Road-  my father has arranged a climb down from the back bedroom window & I have a loose post in the fence-for when SHEshe is gone mad or Mr Pong & that evil fat little Mr Lindsay -they roll in like two nasty imps-I must run-slide-crawl away !  But I am trying to not worry Andre Saint George- He is learning what it is like to live without fear- away from Spain- he has no idea what Lennie & I have coped with all our lives bravely because we have a million children to take care of-a quarter million our grown-ups…I shall be rather crushed by SHEshe & her hideous noble monsters-her sterile rubbishy life of mailed-fist greed a Class of the foul mouths-

1961 Lennie- Dr LIR- says “do you remember your Flyer in the mist- October 1935- We were to fly alone-not take the family for my first piece in the Test.   I had to show I could fly under all conditions-my training had been rigorous & I began my instruction at 9 years old- There was mist over the Channel lots of thick mists- so we went off into the air- the two pilots with me- did well-very well-  We landed & put you all on board one seaplane with us-the third seaplane we would find when we got over Ireland-he would join us with the oil-”

Aunt Mag’s RULES are 3 seaplanes over big waters-

`15 MINUTES LATER WE ALL SET OFF FOR GREENLAND- flying up ‘ FOR A BEER ’ -going home- me LIR now `FLYER` given my Licence as Pilot when we got to Canada` beer is  nice & cold in Greenland-

1945 Col ANDRE MALRAUX Widower returns Summer-

Again he is making notes of how people live-the organisation of towns-countryside-people’s happiness-children in schools The STRUCTURE OF THE WORKING WEEK-wages & what people spend on the household how they arrange the weekend- There are vegetable patches-allotments & there is fishing in ponds & at SEA-small cars to maintain & bikes-small factories-Town Halls-Youth Clubs-musical activities-cinemas-choirs-Clubs of adults-Freddie’s theatre is not opened-we hear he is not well…

Records/The Shrimp Pot factory/& many other accounts-his East Anglian life 1945/46-he still finds everywhere The Gospels Acted Out- except Teresa Gordon R. & her mutterings of “her kind”-

Mornings he may go & write in the Priests Library-a big room in Montfort Lodge-where the Housekeeper comes round twice with good SHERRY got in a Pipe via Portugal-the wartime- Here Andre hears old Missionary Priests Tales which outdo his own-Father X who got put in the African Pot for their supper-but they let him out-One young in China 1880s- They come for a Vacation by the Sea & are hale-90 years something old…

1945 autumn into winter - we go to the British Restaurant as Colonel ANDRE does not mind horsemeat- it may not be- & I have  thick soup & sturdy Pudding only-  Aunt Miss Win has given me the money to pay his meal- she & Mrs Winncleman are thanking him for his War Service-& there are things I will not know until some months later-

Mrs Winncleman is making a paste to spread on toast from puff-balls-it is an old Austrian recipe-I have guarded a big one in the REC-& a Groundsmen helps me-he knows she makes this paste-she is English so he trusts it !  It gives her something to offer at Teatime-she & Mr Winncleman were imprisoned on the Race Course at Epsom for  the War-she had to insist he be given some writing paper.  A NUT-a looney official Whitehall had all foreigners put away!

1945 September ANDRE W/Andrew plays cricket- but SHEshe whom he met December 1924 Deauville-Paris- turned up & sat glaring at him-she looking like the Hangman’s wife-so he had to stop playing after a bit-it was not his nerves it was just her face glaring in full narcotic madness-I saw it- She pushed me…

Andre has refused her invitation to Escort her & her crowd

‘dinner DANCE Dedham-Oh everybody goes Old boy…’

ANDREW-George Malraux say’th `I  AM  A WIDOWER-Teresa-

it is not yet a year since my chosen wife’s death- `

SHEShe ordered me away from the Cricket Match hissing` You-you what are you doing here-You are not wanted !  My-my-my relatives are ashamed of YOU-you bloody bitch…Nobody wants YOUR FACE around OUR  TOWN-get out get out…~I will have you sent to REFORM SCHOOL~  I can have him arrested ~`

SHE USES DOPES from LONDON TOWN-they give them to her-

I remember my feeling so crushed I was glad to go yet did not want to not see him-I look at him from a distance-he is so beautiful…

SHEshe tells me I am a pauper a nobody ugly with orange peel skin & I have rickets my eyes the colour of Thames mud (they are blue-pearl-turquoise)- She kicks my legs at the front saying `Your bloody father gives me no money` I WANT MONEY YOU BITCH ~  you won’t have Betty Grable legs-I me-me- I come first !` SHE TAKES DOPE !

Esther-Estelle kindly asked me later why I left -

Professor & Mrs Winnclemann heard from Colonel ANDRE that I had left the cricket match & they said I should have stayed to give him support- “for you suit him Elsa & he is at peace with you-you are friends…~ Aunt Miss Win said ’well, he did not quite know what to do when you left-we think he wanted to have you see him play cricket- he did not really want to talk with your mother…’

OH HOW I DOTH SINK INTO ANCIENT STONES- Colonel ANDRE so beautiful & I am already a forlorn weeping spirit in an ancient Place where I shall live my life & my thoughts dwell upon him-

His stern face now his tall & bigger frame since 1937-here he com`th haunting these roads my walks the beaches-coming into the schools & I with red face had to hide my bow & arrows in June under the school hedge & walk back to the Winnclemanns with him & be a grown-up-& take a prepared tea-Richard Wagner music which I like-

The next day he say`th “I will meet you from school this afternoon-the place where you hide your bow & arrows…“

He emerges from Montfort Lodge the Priests House & I can only gaze from the other side of the road-not a greeting only the eyes meeting- (tape/accounts-`I SAW GEORGE` ) it is far more than APRIL LOVE as in Arthur Hughes painting- I have SHEshe & she says I shall never get away-& she is going to lock me up- for she hisses `YOU ARE MAD-like your bloody father`

I saw Auntie Esther later that week & ANDRE had called-she said ‘we were making tea for the cricketers & those come to watch & you left…we would have liked your help` She said that now I am in the big school I should take my part in these activities of the town & the district-` I have decided not to go back to the Pathfields school this Autumn Term but put myself in my Convent School where I attended first Autumn Term 1936 after the 8 months abroad- I began at The Pathfields September-

I just turned up at the Saint Clares` Convent opening of Term in October 1945-they welcomed me-Colonel Andre Malraux-George followed me-announcing he is Greta Ransom’s Guardian for her Aunt & Grandmother Mary Gordon dead last year- Soon he was singing in the Nun’s special Chapel-they adore him- He could not remember the name of the Aunt signing the letter October 1937-Margarethe Grote-the woman owning pure philanthropy A-Z the globe-

Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra-Teresa Gordon Old Mother Riley Ransom (names the schools call her) does not want me to go back to Convent School- & I am not walking all that way to Pathfields across lonely farmlands anymore or going the longer route by those awful depressing streets full of empty houses- the Lindsaybuggarhs put them around the Town in the 1920s so they could make quick profit /diaries-/records/

1945 AUTUMN- George-ANDRE George Widower Colonel Andre to the schools- He has all summer had the peaceful house of my Great-Aunts Bessie & Annie Misses Williams “Stella Maris” to call at write his notes etc- They named it for Stella Maris Conder wife of Charles the artist from Australia-Annie did the gravestone & they told her when she was dying `we will never forget you`…She got burned at home- ANDRE George has the drawing room mornings or afternoons to himself with the gilded piano & a good table to write upon- blessed peace. He can go & find Annie in the kitchen perhaps & she usually has some drawing going on- her big wood spoons laid on the kitchen table as The Cross- she can tell him of The Art World Manchester Liverpool 1890s onwards-  My Great-Aunt Bessie whose girlhood bible was also Mrs Gaskell’s NORTH SOUTH novel likes a hot Midday dinner & Annie Agnes Artist must create this too-from the rations-but there are plenty of vegetables to buy & she has a few in the garden -but says Auntie Win `…sometimes they can only have vegetables & a piece of mousetrap cheese…` Bessie dashes about on Church or Welfare matters-rushes up to London to see her old retired Priests in the Oblate Saint Charles-at the back of Lancaster Gate Square ! Both of them are over 60 years & came

to live at Clacton 1923 when the building of this great Catholic Church began-completed 1929. ANDRE MALRAUX wanders in & out of the Church to see he is really seeing what he sees- He cannot believe that anything so magnificent so CLASSICAL is really to be found outside Rome-& the roof of black Brazilian wood is vast-he begins to sing here in June 1945-in July he sang with the choir- & me too- the 1610 MASS of Claudio Monteverdi for JOSETTE…their sons…

At Stella Maris are the 12 Vols of  Butler’s SAINTS the months-

& all the old Gaelic Celtic ones & the young who travelled the East-as well as some rare French ones. When we are engaged November 1946 I will set about finding names for our 15 children in these volumes. George Andre Malraux one morning found some I had not got which he approved-he found another girl’s name beginning with an O.  He looks at me with solemn eyes when I say we will have 15 children- I say  “well at school they used to say I have not to worry about the money…”

All Miss Win said is ‘you two will have to open an Orphanage-all these names’- she did not hand ANDRE MALRAUX her Courtesy Copy the Will she has had since January 1938- making him GUARDIAN to GROTE HOMES RANSOM ESTATE & the heirs Greta Ransom & Len Immanuel Ransom-until they are 25 years of age-

1944/45 Miss Winifred Gordon  has heard some of the children have been massacred from a woman whose husband a British Officer refused to kill them-  a Lindsay Major or Captain had him shot the next morning! His batman got the 2 letters out ! She briefly told me bits-something to do with the Father I cannot recall-

ANDRE & Greetah are in the most horrible danger because we do not know-& so are all the family because Miss Win does not hand him this Will ! Miss Winifred  is in secrecy visited by her bastard nephew Edward du Cann born 1924-he has taken no notice of her ever & now sweeps in with `Aunt Winifred`…he comes with a 2 man legal team-& wants half of the Inheritance-saying he has a superior education-& The British Crown & Government are collapsing the Estate-they cannot have this-private Empires !   All the money & investments are needed for BRITISH TRADE He is one of Teresa Gordon’s bastards-& is bragging January 1954 in front of Greta Ransom that he has been taking heroin for 11 years-his doctor approves-`it gives you zippy zing` He began heroin at 17 years- His uncle grows Divinorum Salvia Scotland in Scotland with 4 others-they break the law-export it to nations using slave labour & running sex-it was also used in G.B. sex places London-WHITES CLUB-round the corner- (The bastards only got life because Teresa’s mother is a Roman Catholic-)

1970 ANDRE MALRAUX is explaining to Peter J.P. Whitehead The Pillar House Harwell- that Miss Win threatened Greetha June 1945 that  “SHE WAS NOT to say a word about the Estate-it would come from her Father to me ANDRE MALRAUX- Greta confided to a teacher at school- the threat gave Teresa time to inflict memory loss very severe on Greetah. However at this time Miss Win did not tell her sister that I MALRAUX was in the Town ! I did not meet her 1937 with JO-she was away with her cousins Manchester & Saint Anne beach- Whether it was the force of Mr WINNCLEMANN (a great humanist)  & her own relatives her brother Harry-people in the town public life-I do not know`

Mr WINCLEMANN got from Greetha that summer 1945 that she was  worried about the poisoning of her grandmother Mary Gordon-it was known to the Hospital she was poisoned-she said her Aunt had told her not to speak of this-everybody was waiting for her father‘s return.  But then Miss Win was angry & spoke of Captain Ransom having a good time in Africa-not bothering to return-SHE HAD BEEN TOLD THIS…we did not learn from whom  ! `

`It had been intended by JIM the others 1940 he die in the Philippines- the letters from cousins Poulsen De Salle arrived 2 days before XMAS 1939 saying what had been done to them by JIM in the Arctic winter ! This tragedy was read by my Catholic wife JO-just before her death- we will leave all that aside- (he flips over his notebook pages…)

He was sent off about the New Year 1940 !   But he spoke Japanese & was of immense assistance to the Army…have you heard about the SWIM he did to speak with a Japanese General he had known as a child-they may be related-I have to ask- visits to his family islands at the tip of the Lusans- Pacific…far out-I have been…

He was able to delay the shelling of a hospital where they had put children & others infirm-I think you do not know enough  Peter ` Andre Malraux 1970- shorthand & notes…

My poor young father & his family Ransom are told Malraux has the Will & it is a matter for he & General de Gaulle…`by noble mental savages` somebody has called the prostitutes & Playboys top of the pyramid British upper-class…Crows from Scandinavia…

Miss Win has the bastard du Cann about her with a 2-man legal team 3 years- it is demanding half the Estate-because it has the superior education !  The family do not know of these visits until 1959 on.   Of course her sister Teresa is informed-

ANDRE MALRAUX will say that he was only allowed 20 minutes in the Marital Court September 1946 to hear that my father WON custody the 3 children-He tried meet my father-was told he had left to go abroad- (FJR is at the work of the GUARDIAN-Malraux)

&  Andre heard Court decision that TREASA TO GET NO MONEY because of the horrible debts-the selling of books & furniture-Reports/citizens/ Hospital/Police/etc on her behaviour her absences & two children Greta & Colin seen at school with malnutrition & horrible blows to face & body-  1943 & 1944 she was put several times in Tendring Asylum Hospital- Release in 2 or 4 days by telephone calls from London-a friend Angela The Palace- reason given `she is needed by her sons` Miss Gordon requested to now put her in Asylum !  Make arrangements for the end of the month !

The same happened before the war- Teresa’s friend Angela a noblewoman requested she be free when her Gordon family her husband tried get her treatment for narcotics alcohol & violence so extreme she was likely to kill adults or children- A 4 days son Frederick Ransom thrown in the fire was a hideous crime egged on by JIM & Earl Lindsaybuggarhs demanding 20,000 pound cheque from her husband FJR 1934-the baby had to be shot-No charges could be brought because of her noble bastards… The drug known as purple plum was given her by the family of The Earls of LINDSAY Scotland- they had built 1910 a family Summer Place called The GRAND on Clacton seafront-it had a few months ago been condemned by the Council & was now pulled down 1946- There are photographs of it- Teresa had grown up knowing the ennobled class since a small child-her mother Mary Gordon has 3 Southern Irish R.C. baronets-good families of profitable humanist occupations her cousins-The British nobles were penniless & wild on dope & booze-

ANDRE MALRAUX relates how he & Mr WINNCLEMANN often wrote Greta’s father but never got a reply-they had to rely on Miss Winifred for the address-she would say she would address the letter later when she had time to go to her address book.  It was Miss Win who had allowed the du Cann family to sit in on Court Proceedings. The bastard du Cann & his legal team were calling Miss Gordon PORTIAThey demanded she did not lock up Ed’s mother Teresa Gordon Ransom-after the Court Cases were finished ! Aunt Win-Portia should keep her out for Christmas-After 6 months another Court Case would have been necessary to get the Order AGAIN- Ed du Cann has a Law Degree Oxford-he & his  Mates knew this scenario…They should be axed at Martyrs Memorial Oxford !  On a sack of heroin ! They drip blood & gore moneys all their lives stolen by first murdering the GROTE HOMES children & mature students with families- Killings in our vast RANSOM WEDDELL family & branches- kith & kin -friends-settlers-round the globe continued into the 1980s  ! RECORDS

It was she who gave Mr WINNCLEMANN & Colonel Andre MALRAUX a day & a time when they might enter the court. 1946 September- When ANDRE MALRAUX asked to meet Greta`s father he was told he had just left.  It was she who forbade Harry Gordon her brother to say who the young man with him was September 1946 -It was Dr John Ray RANSOM who believed that Greta Ransom knew who he was-& will know him again December 1946 as we wait for FJR & party to come from London-but he had been attacked 2 hours before-& was in hospital-  It is Dr John Ray (Ransom) a victim of The Earls of Lindsay Crawford at one month-educated highly USA- whom ANDRE MALRAUX spoke with September 1946 & said later to Greta Ransom  “I wish I could be that clever-he has been educated in America…”

ANDRE MALRAUX speaks 1970

`It was she Miss Win who cancelled Greta’s father & party coming to the April 1947 wedding-yet this man had given his permission !   She cancelled them hours before...

She did not tell me Andre Malraux-she told Greta 2 hours before the ceremony !   Again she told Greta not to tell me `or I would think what a dreadful family` she would say ` they had been delayed `

Neither WINNCLEMANN or I heard the entire 1946 Marital Court matters-We had no idea the cruelty-the debts- & HIGH CLASS NAMES WERE SPOKEN OF- titled people who were part of the deceit to see I DID NOT SEE THE WILL- My copy was stolen from PARIS addressed to me- Stolen by a woman on an Official Visit July 1938-she Angela also stole a letter handwritten by the owner of the Estate for me to give the President of France-it was an honour to my Nation FRANCE- my being chosen Guardian-

It was October 1957 when this poor man showed me his diaries so carefully kept all his life with Teresa- he was attacked brutally some days after this-their intention was to end his life by damaging his liver! I have some notes from his diaries! These creatures & she-Teresa-are barbaric!   They all use this very dangerous dope !  I have been able to learn of its power to have the user-the wearer kill-  says Andre Malraux 1970 Harwell-

Nota bene Grote Homes & RANSOM Estate in 3 Parts- The 19 acres under New York were in secrecy claimed in Angela’s name

`an old Eskimo had given them to her when she was a child` was the reason given-`she did not need to produce documents-`She had an Empire-Britain had fought in the War-  The FRAUD begins 1941 - by 1948 Maurice brother of Clara Malraux contributes finding information out on tenants-rents-etc- 1953 Xmas MAURICE Goldsmit is in WHITES Club-his sister Clara may enter at lady time - They are on first names with JIM PIMP Jong- ANDRE MALRAUX knows nothing of his ex-brother-in-law’s New York assistance in this CRIME-

JIM Steward WHITES CLUB running vice -is a visitor to the Jan Steen Tavern Paris- the rented house ANDRE MALRAUX got 1946 for his sister-in-law widow of his half-brother Roland & her son & his 2 sons of JO-a large staff & new décor undertaken by his sister-in-law left him penniless 1946 - Clacton passed the plate round & willingly helped him get on even keel ! Mr Winnclemann gave him a little income & we all paid for this & that -tickets for The Flicks (cinema) to help him.   It was stressed that the work he was to do for PEACE was what was important- The boys of JO were to go to Ampleforth Roman Catholic school where the writer of LORD OF THE RING has his 4 boys& SCHOOL Fees my father said would be taken care of by he & his brothers from their own Estates…Fred John Ransom had told Miss Win & he had written it to ANDRE MALRAUX-he never received his POST/mail after NOVEMBER 1937- Stolen & fingered by British Government Lords & Crown sticking their snouts in- Still stolen at his death-

They have STOLEN our RANSOM post when they could get it from CHRISTMAS 1933-ripping open gifts-private documents-letters-

19  ACRES under New York- Ransom purchase 1801-

New year’s Eve 1953 Nethrington Hall- FRAUD-CLEARLY HEARD by 2 detectives disguised as Waiters- present but sometimes apart were Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom-who had no knowledge why we were there- Brown rnvr was paid by Lindsays-act spy-he also had his own nasty Fraud over Arran with JIM-all are criminally insane-heavy dope users-& `work for the Crown`…

It was the Earl LINDSAYbuggarhs who took the greater part & shared between 40 of them Summer 1954- tumbling without any warning the old respectable firm GROTE BROKERS established 1830 New York ! Some of the Lindsay MOB & some Lords said 1941-1953 it all belonged to Angela The Former Miss Bloody Liar-so it must proceed in silence-she was a divinity- Lindsaybuggarh Earl 14 said to his 40 Lindsay mob 1953` it was The Fortune of a Miss Millicent Lindsay & that the family Ransom were trying to STOP them having it- /reports

There was never a Millie Lindsay- they know she is Miss Millie FROBISHER Mrs JOHN RANSOM m 1883- murdered by them 1897- she the mother of Greetha‘s grandfather Ransom-  That evening 31.12.1953 Lindsay 15 & the 2nd one in films now poisoned 9.20 pm the old relative shared with the Frobisher line-she & her husband were about to telephone the police & say FRAUD-COME IMMEDIATELY- SOS ! Her husband wandered about a few minutes calling `Where is Malraux-they have murdered my wife-Malraux-Malraux` They sedated him- A detective gives report at 4ooam to another-on murder by the Premier Earls of Gross Britain friends of the Figures from a Morgue at the very top…& Scandinavian Crows…

Habitual use of the dangerous dope Divinorum Salvia Scotland has its users violent killers-paedophiles-rapists-divine beings able to tell LIES LIES LIES-They are dangerously insane…& never change-

Tumbling GROTE BROKERS Established 1830 New York without any warning was as serious as the fraud of the Pensioners by Maxwell-  The British Nobles took from 1941-1953 to accomplish it-  They could have warned Grote Brokers but then of course THE FRAUD WOULD HAVE BEEN EXPOSED ! This obscene piece of Statecraft was done in silent secrecy (quoting General de Gaulle when he found out in 1962) -Claiming The Crown has to be faceless-

Use of a faceless woman ensured this Fraud could be in silent secrecy = `CROWN HAS TO BE FACELESS in FRAUD-

Augusta Frobisher writes 1954 `…Angela a packhorse for the crimes of her men….`  She was murdered by JIM 1954 in her flat in Norway-he sported one of her famous ship silver earrings in WHITES CLUB…

ANDRE MALRAUX speaks 1970 ‘I was deceived Peter-

WE WERE ALL PUT IN THE GREATEST DANGER- they were blaming me & the family of Greta for the deaths of the children- other deaths too & some nasty insinuations got going in their Clubs about my General also having some role- IT WAS ALL LIES ! A bastard- du Cann- was also feathering his foul nest- his Uncle & others grow this dangerous narcotic- Scotland-it was talk-all over the Town in the 1950s-60s…they got it going again after a Court Case…`

Research 1960 by Detectives Colleagues of Malraux-two have known Miss Win Gordon since she was in her teens- is written up in other BOOKS-

1945-1946 ANDRE MALRAUX in East Anglia-England -the big Cinemas provide a warm night out in winter- he makes friends with a young University educated Cinema Manager come to train-to progress-goes to supper with he & wife.  Evenings-a supper made from The Rations at the old University educated teachers Mr & Mrs Read who came out of retirement 1940 until the end of the War -they can tell him of the highly intelligent Mary Gordon & her sisters work in Welfare- The Reads` have friends in USA Boston a woman friend wrote a book we use for history in the Primary School-European History with a Viking ship on the hard cover-

A window on the world is Pathe Cine Movie news- also trailers of what is coming that month-new & old films-  Perhaps a high-tea is taken first-for the evening cinema-people often go once a week-

Compiling this Book of Summer 1937 for Andre & Josette I find those 5 weeks are DAYS OF HOPE- I won’t know such happiness again- It can be re-lived in these pages…

1945/46-47 are strange fragile DAYS OF PROGRESS

1948 I retreat into Neolithic days-the horror of `Mrs R Sheshe`

-I came to realise I was imprisoned with a criminally immorally insane-pathetic sometimes-violent too sub-creature-  Of its Narcotic use I had no understanding-that she was having `RED LETTER DAYS` & handing out this VAST ESTATE to her filthy TRUE BLUES I heard things that had to be linked to long ago-& George Col.onel ANDRE MALRAUX-a figure of winters-seas marshlands from Holland-on-Sea to Walton-on-the Naze to Felixstowe…nothing more could surface because her violence & the threats of her superiority reigned…she served a woman of PURPLE RICE…Then Greta Ransom 16 years of age got to College Colcestre-Camulodunum- Colchester-helped by Laura Lawrence Newnham College Cambridge before her unnecessary car accident- (She is on the Rathbone pedigree) Some escape from the TRUE BLUES madness- & staff NE Technical College North Hill Colchester help-Mrs Cooke suffering Mengele’s interference for The Crown from 1953- & my girlfriends having some hold on Mad Mother Kali-Clytemnestra when they found out she was sending me in with doped sandwiches…Records/Papers/ ANDRE MALRAUX takes me to see a silly false film on Scaremouche in brilliant Technicolor of the time-1949 Colchester- he is married to his sister apparentlyCharles Bronson actor Hollywood who acted so well as the mad Captain in a CONRAD film-the old Catholic grape-vine-comes to Clacton t0 try give help-he won‘t give Grote money to THEM-it was put in a Charity…He lived !

Everybody was told ANDRE MALRAUX & General de Gaulle were in charge of the Estate-LIES LIES LIESLindsay Earls now try rob the Vatican of records in name of a Crown-a dustbin)….

1953-57 a state of no future but drear - the monsters following me about threatening & then she begins to poison me badly-attacks on my father-A FILTHY TRICK on he & his families Weddell Ransom etc over a Birthday Party London in family property they give for me-I was kept doped by her & BROWN RNVR 3 weeks-a photographer got me free-he reported on their dope madness-a girl kept in a flat Clacton-on-sea…Andre Malraux & Greta Ransom had tried have a LIFE November 1953-March 1954...Records of all this from several people are horrific-they can be read/ Its done for The British Nobles Lindsays & this Crown of debauchery…hi-jacked !

1957 November - ANDRE MALRAUX & GRETA RANSOM are called `The Immaculate Conception` by observers about LONDINIUM-…suddenly a cold misty evening I seeing him tall & beautiful & pure come from Gaul- looking at me with those eyes-Mengele not in the Catholic building ` I spake…`this miracle-its us-its YOU-its us-this miracle-its really you…` I say to George ANDRE MALRAUX 50 Lancaster Gate Square-

And gratefully he kisses the top of my head as my memory so ethereal came together one week- as sketches on the seas of winter-the London mists across the Parks as I go to the great Museums-the Old Vic…Take a straight line from 50 Lancaster Gate Square to the Natural History Museum-Science-Geological-V & A- head for Albert an educated man- But Mengele & his filthy helpers rose up again from HELL-

Then some memory fading or rising when he George-Andre was near me speaking- all as seen in mists-but there was again DAYS OF HOPEMengele Doc Harrington had been poisoned by an old boyfriend sick of him robbing him-he was taken to a Nut House outside London-found & given a resurrection-but we got 2 weeks of us…George & Greetah- ANDRE MALRAUX & Greta Ransom-

1938 (LIR diary) `But RABELAISIAN GLEE & MERRIMENT at Clacton-on-Sea gave way to Rabelaisian madness in Scarlet Town too WHEN THEY HAD THEIR HANDS 1938 Summer ON THE WILL FOR ANDRE MALRAUX-Guardian-` They would bare their bums at us when nobody looking-the burning of our records-destruction of books-graves-paintings were horrible-British & world history being changed…But it was the paedophile attacks that had W. Churchill act 1960-he was assured by Markham Makepeace (Lord) of this in Essex 1930s to many children-he took 98 thousand pounds off Lindsay 14-Territorials left him castrated in a wheelchair 1960s…British Nobles-Lindsays Premier Earls-Crowns- Denmark Carrion Crows-etc-   After emptying our property into British & Danish Nobles yachts 1950s Bombed Jacopsholmen settlement  1960 without warning BOMBED- to destroy all memory of the great civilized & cultural life organised by  Fred Ransom whose wife was grand-daughter of Great POUL GRONLANDER Catechist-polymath-genius-    & in Poul’s memory the University was to arise on our Jacopholmen Island West Greenland- granted by Decree 1770-   Bombed 1960 to hide the Noble Monsters crime of slaying the Grote children in their Homes TO GET DOUGH & lands- undercover of 2nd World War… Greta Ransom & others/records…

`British Nobles with long black tongues were crying `OLD ESKIMO IN THE RED-no Will-Angela takes all- & Uncle Lindsays tried cashing cheques on every bank in names of MRG hurried into death too soon- & the heirs GFWMR & LIR…`

1945 THEY ALL HAVE BIG BLACK TAILS forked-they have slain the Grote Homes children-TO GET DOUGH…they should have been tied to cages by their tails-they will slither evermore to escape that THEY HAVE MURDERED THE GROTE HOMES CHILDREN…TO GET THEMSELVES DOUGH- The British Nation is high jacked by creatures born of a whiskey still & absinthe barrels…1920s DOPES…A Robbie Burns Tavern after midnight-half a dozen Lindsaybuggarhs at the bar-free whiskey from a moonlight jollification-dead left everywhere-but all fun…Yah know` `Earls of Lindsay `can barely read or write-if he has a degree then I have 10...`  W. Churchill 1920s- He saw Mrs Grote his landlady went free-to sail the globe taking care of her husband’s homes & her father & mother’s Estate A-Z…

1959 February & forwards-ANDRE MALRAUX Minister of GAUL-& Greta Frobisher Weddell Ransom- nothing but silver black landscapes in  greying darkness -where ‘the only DAWN came from memory down tunnels reaching back into thousands of years agoI could understand sometimes what was happening to me by an  afternoon in the Geological Museum…knowing we had sometimes met by the MOONSTONES CASE-Gates of Nineveh fading & URI seemed to be walking in the Ordivician-SILURIAN perhaps- all alone (Records/dairy/notebooks tell of this time)

This was the effect of the DOPES that Mengele Doc Harrington royal satrap-paedophile-Golum used every 24 hours on the Grote heir when he & his filth could-& used on ANDRE MALRAUX-his patient granted him by the Malraux women from 1938...He takes expensive toy-boy holidays with Clara- (Andre’s Aunt Mary tries protect him 1938 to her death-194os)

We do not know of the robbing of the great miracle GROTE RANSOM ESTATE The Joyous Venture in 3 Parts the World gallops on-A third of it had been stolen by 1954...having slain in horrible ways the 1 million children staff settlers A to Z using the 2nd World War-  Ships RN  teams of thugs on board on `special duties`…& other recruits given a drink of knock-the-memory & powdered purple narcotic- DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND-morphine etc etc- Andre Malraux was to hear all this- of the Wartime Grote-Ransom Genocide from 2 Admirals & a Rear Admiral at 7 pm a December 1946 evening at The Old Quaker Rooms Old Road Clacton-on-Sea…but my father Army Captain Frederick John Ransom & his relatives-friends-were in the hospital at his bedside where he had just been found in a London street-attacked savagely…IT HAD BEEN PLANNED….Malraux was hurried away to GAUL…The Weddell genocide extension is about to begin-October 1947- 19 Weddell family some in RN-3 in Ocean Scouts & Sea-scouts had been slain-given accidents-so another name may erase WEDDELL SEA on world maps-dope madness went on Gross Britain nobles & Scandinavian scum-


SAXMUNDHAM HALL is one of the Places associated with ANDRE MALRAUX’s mother’s English Sea Traders ancestry- Castle Rising-King-s Lynn-they fished The Wash-farmed- His father’s line also reaches into English Sea Traders-fishers…

The Wash- East Coast Britain was a most important fishing ground-turn to Little Doomsday Book-you read that 24 Frenchmen hold land at Dunwich-

Biographers of ANDRE MALRAUX in his lifetime were often  `getting his SEAS ancestry out as dirty washing` -

1970 He is telling PJPW The Pillar House Harwell- Greetah Ransom W. is taking shorthand notes-3 children sleep above-

ANDRE MALRAUX “Oops-it’s a book-long again- I’m SO LOW- & SO ILL BRED-all I do is lead a Revolution !   SPAIN-

Spain was my-my revolution ! When I met Miss Teresa Butler (December 17th 1959 at Thorpe le Soken) a hugh BELL fell on my head-records/archives/ They up there had all known the WILL was stolen from me 1938- & were satisfied that the British Realm had me persecuted destroyed- so long as they might have big spending all their tawdry lives-they also tried incriminate my General (General de Gaulle) over the deaths of the children in the HOMESAdeneur confronted them-he had some R.N. on his side- Oh- they would be given accidents-retired-Your nation does this Peter &…others-  We did not get the full picture at that time-Greta swiftly had no memory-she arrived at the little meadow Earls Colne (Colne Engayne Gallows Corner) with not much of what her Aunt Miss Butler had said`…Until we saw the WILL-WILLS-1962 March-  She & her husband-her father & mother…

Nota bene USA research 1950s/60s `It had become a NATIONAL INDUSTRY G.B.-removing evidence of this Fraud-this horrible robbery-begun with killing kids… `

Berthe Bertha Lamy Malraux- She had letters photographs of the HALL Saxmundham-descriptions of the inside-life there & the garden & grounds-the village from 19th century relatives-   I have seen the photographs in the 1950s & the folded letters- Mr Poulter would have them in Hollytrees Mansion Museum Colchester in the Study at the time they were to make a visit winter 1953/54- Graham Greene was in & out of the Castle at that time talking with Andre. They are to make visits-3 cars some prominent local Quakers who probably sing in the Madrigal Society too-A nice day out in winter-chasing ancestors of Andre Malraux .   They found two people of the HISTON family-one of his mother’s strong lines from 10th century- Sea Traders always know their ancestors-you collect perhaps a piece of land from a bride-have cousins with Ships too- Everyone can always read & write !  Records/archives

1945/46 Mr Armstrong Geographer will take Andre over to see SAXMUNDHAM HALL-I recall this-he has petrol for his car & rushes about East Anglia teaching us from 1943 & goes to several school teaching older children all Wartime.   I am not sure if Andre Malraux’s mother as a tiny girl went on this visit to distant relatives or if it was her father or mother-  A lot was spoken about it-& I have given some details-or an indication from files/archives/records  placed in safety the globe 1960-onward-

this BOOK OF SUMMER 1937 I have COMPILED with readings his notebooks of his life- OTHER HUMANISTS-victims…

I also quote the evil-their coarse criminal violent crafty & insane black tongued noises-