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PART 3 RANSOM ANCESTRY - histories :



down many centuries …

437 AD REDEMPTIO=Ransom had to sail from Suffolk-Norfolk to Nor0`way … & go haymaking for `the Burley one` … he needed more corn & barley to last through the East Anglia usual FOUL WINTER TIDE …` … (Latin = Life Book)

begins page 16 …

page 30 - a list from a Directory of RANSOM

CENTENARY FJR November 1911 - 2011

NB : The first 6 pages tell the Reader what is webbed 2011-1212 in final form, and how the work of restoration is continuing in this now edited RANSOM PART III :

RANSOM Part I = = colour code

RANSOM Part II = begins with 4 Asian Brides Siberia-China 1400s and Japan-Bruges 1504 :

but then Part II becomes an introduction/an account of the DESTRUCTION of the GROTE HOMES RANSOM `Joyous Venture` a worldwide Estate in 3 Parts :

MEMORANDUM : ESTATE eyed from late 19th century as `AN ELDORADO ` by the criminally insane NOBLE BRITISH Aristocrats, and especially some in Scotland and Scandinavia :

Nota bene : 1930s the legal Will to be ignored by BRITISH GOVERNMENT & CROWNS and its Noble LORDS & unpleasant coin-less SONS They are of Britain and Scandinavia - who during the 2nd World War by MOONLIGHT slew GROTE CHILDREN in their HOMES worldwide and grabbed at the lands surrounding which are RANSOM LANDS and investments over the centuries regularly agreed by the independent nations OUTSIDE THE GROSS BRITISH EMPIRE

NNB : THEIR very NOBLE VIOLENCE INCREASED AGAINST THE LAWFUL HEIRS and the FAMILIES RANSOM & also against other branches GRONLANDER=Poulsen, Aquida-San JULIAN INCA branch and JAMES WEDDELL descendants from his two sons of his legitimate marriage QUAKER ROMAN CATHOLIC : James Weddell II and John Weddell born 1825 & 1826 :

Attacks 19th century and 20th century upon other branches of RANSOM including Grote & Mecklenburg 1930s - 1950s Violence from the 1932 RANSOM-GORDON marriage had more attacks which had a history of violence and cunning against both RANSOM and GORDON families from the 1900s

( previously to thieve GORDON 8 pieces of lands in Scotland & New Zealand )

Violence and sly threats came at GORDON branches : Tate-Atkinson-Anderson-Booth & other distantly related branches of GORDON of Greenwich ` : mid-19th century John Frederick GORDON of Edinburgh is Mine Host ( including White Bait Suppers for the Houses of Parliament ) at the most beautiful TRAFALGAR TAVERN Greenwich waterfront where his 8 children grow up - his 6 sons attending The Academy of Doctor BELL on Greenwich Heath :

his son George Ernest Gordon retires 1930 to Clacton-on-Sea with wife Mary Helena nee Williams and their younger children Winifred b 1910, Harry 1912 and Esther Mary Gordon 1913

( Esther Mary Gordon marries 6`4 & a half inches tall Fred Potter of the Family who own and run the newspaper `Clacton Gazette` and the Printing Works attached = his father as a young man went OUT in the LIFEBOATS of Essex East Anglia & has become Secretary of THE (ROYAL) LIFEBOAT SOCIETY

1919 onwards : In Southern Ireland the Catholic peaceful cousins of Mary Gordon = Murphy/Carroll/O`Brien received violence by MOONLIGHT and sly crimes and cunning tricks : these families would not give FREE GOOD HORSES to the British very NOBLE OAFS crept out of their SCOTLAND bogs = The Southern Ireland cousins have three 19th century baronetcies between them : see Debrett etc so that early 20th century they WERE THREATENED WITH TREASON CHARGES by most NOBLE Britain )

( perhaps typical of the end of Empires ) A falling-fallen British Empire could not imagine life without BIG BOOTING in on the rest of the globe & RULING THE SEAS :

Late 19th century Aristocrats of Britain and Scandinavia are `nicking` anything they can lay hands on and jeering RACIST REMARKS at good citizens of Britain and the WORLD : These DOPE SOAKS are cunningly into illegal immoral logging/mining/gambling/ : And thieving our RANSOM greatest piece of philanthropy of the globe to support their sordid lifestyle :

MEMO : Begun 1864 the GROTE HOMES educating to 18-22 years of age in several languages and professions ( teaching/Sciences/ health-medicine/horticulture-agriculture/technology/music of course & the Arts ) all needed to give a decent standard of life to human beings

They are supported at first by The RANSOM ESTATE : that delicate flower garden flowing around the earth with hearty support from Nations A to Z and around again a second circle By the late 1860s young TIGGY GROTE of this brilliant idea had left his young RANSOM bride and her families shoeless

but the de Beer ladies sent dear Margareth a diamond hairnet so ( shoeless ) the young bride could dine-out in New York with

TIG`s family and relatives -

GROTE families are now become USA citizens, & are originally a German Family Firm established 1830 in a muddy track off the future Wall Street They coming from good German families were a bit ashamed of their young `TIG` : they are GROTE BROKERS who had moved into Wall Street once it laid some duck boards

but GROTE HOMES worldwide with all religions were agreed worldwide a most excellent common sense project and over 10 years our Tiggy got full support from all the nations A to Z that he approached for permission to put up HOMES The Vatican agreed that THE GROTE HOMES should go in all ROMAN CATHOLIC Nations and only wanted a 2-year trial in Italy 1870s


2012 August - I have put this Part II approx. 200 pages, on my new site called

And it is intended mostly as a simpler aid an understanding for the READER of not only our RANSOM genealogy but also for those who have bravely tackled the initial great Work launched January 2011 Document in 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea and WEST GREENLAND`

RANSOM Part I is with some photos and drawings : There are photos of my young family RANSOM-Whitehead on our `Ruins Classical tours` to places where my SEA TRADING RANSOM families were in early centuries & East Anglia

Early READERS are now aware that all this work on my three main web sites inter-penetrates through the 18th-19th-20th centuries especially

So the initial site begun 2011 AD carries finished work with colour code :

and my new site www.ancestryandtrue

has smaller pieces emphasising what we have achieved with our Estate and the progress of theft, violence, persecution and insane tricks, during the 20th century by the ignorant and greedy top Noble Class of the dissolving BRITISH EMPIRE

1920s-1930s onwards - and shamefully the theft of POST rears again November 1967 when the Whitehead twins Sir Rowland and Peter BMNH agreed to have all POST and communications between RANSOM families and branches handed to the criminally insane Aristocratic Britain and Scandinavian GHOULS

These sub-sub-apes (my definition of they who have called me APE ESKIMO since my birth 1933) have BY MOONLIGHT Decrees Westminster allowed themselves the use of the BRITISH EMPIRE State machinery infra-structure been able to organise persecution, destruction, and deadly violence against we good citizens of Britain, Ireland, Continent, and the world and THIEVE OUR RANSOM, WEDDELL, FROBISHER, POULSEN MONEYS IN BRITAIN, SCANDINAVIA and OVERSEAS :

Imperial and Aristocratic FIGURES from A MORGUE have dirtied GREEN AND PLEASANT LANDS and CLEAN HEALTHY SEASHORES of the WORLD

wrecked our Estate and Personal Small Investments slain the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN worldwide during the 2nd World War ( killed them worldwide from 1938 to 1954 ! Then hunted survivors as ` BIG and LITTLE GAME ` ) mauled our civilized settlements & insulted OUR Tenants who usually hold a half share with us either 49 per cent, or 51 per cent = DEPENDING UPON THEIR PERSONAL SAFETY

These IMPERIAL FIGURES from A MORGUE are given to muttering amongst themselves and at us and our families = that `Old Eskimos and Apes cannot make Wills The British Government and its Crowns will not allow this `private Empire `

Nota bene : Of course we with our great PHILANTHROPY based ESTATE worldwide are in their way especially because of our high safety standards and our gentle HUMANISM and common sense NNB : they wish to make themselves RICH but will also bray about MAKING BRITAIN RICH

they have put a river of blood around the earth

RANSOM PART 3 will now begin to appear and build on www.ancestryandtruetales.jimdo. com

Memo : I put the assembling text on WORDPRESS last winter But this JIMDO site RANSOM Part 3 will be more carefully edited by me and easier for the Reader to read and follow

There will be RANSOM PART 4 and PART 5 thus we come to the 18th/19th/early 20th centuries :

MEMORANDUM : Big sections of these later histories are on the initial work on … 3 Parts `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc`

Born Deptford 1911 November - killed 1969 Restoration of the Work of my young father FREDERICK JOHN RANSOM - our main line REDEMPTIO = RANSOM families down the centuries to the present day :

PART 3 - RANSOM Ancestry :


Restoration of lifetime work of he my young father JFR born November 1911 -

He FJR 22 years of age when I am born 1933

The distaff side descended from families of Polymath-genius-Catechist-Trader West Greenland 18th century POUL GRONLANDER m Margaret Yates of shipping Carlisle :

Their grand-daughter daughter of Jacop Poulsen is the highly educated humanist Gertrud Poulsen who marries young FRED RANSOM of MONTROSE ( she had 4 wedding gowns and made 4 marriages 1820s to her husband FRED RANSOM to make it legal in the eyes of the RACIST BRITISH EMPIRE ! )

We RANSOM of the EAST BRITAIN coasts have down the centuries an ancestry of foreign brides which has given the family seashore and riverside little bits of lands where we can pull a ship in through the centuries

Nota bene :

Sea Traders of necessity must have several languages keep records we and our fellow educated working classes at the SEAS EDGES are not under the thumb of the 19th century CLASS SYSTEM of the Declining BRITISH EMPIRE :

MEMORANDUM : metal detection work is now helping uncover the reality of our lives in early centuries AD & dispel the silliness about a population sunk to barbarism and illiteracy which crept into British history 19th century early 20th

19th - 20th century DESTRUCTION of RECORDS and violence against families who did not want to be ` BIG GLITZY TIMERS ` increased : CLASS and KUDOS allowed well known 19th century 20th century Noble British and Scandinavian SCAVENGERS to thieve and squander our moneys, lands and investments worldwide : History records how the European Money market collapsed 1860s onwards the British Empire is declining

Late ROMAN BRITAIN and ANGLO SAXON and early MEDIEVAL centuries and our RANSOM families `heimat` = place of the heart, is still our EAST BRITAIN and East Anglia coasts :

To SUFFOLK retired from LONDINIUM our first British ancestor Gaius REDEMPTIO = Ransom : Here he bought in 92 AD land at DUNWICH this a small thriving port & bolt-hole for ships caught in storm along that great bulge of Essex-Suffolk-Norfolk into OCEANUS GERMANICUS

that is the grey-green not too friendly NORTH SEA but the richest FISHING GROUNDS in Europe were in and about THE WASH there was a mixture of tongues from overseas and marriages were made

Seamen knew they had to get along with one another help might be needed in storms and rough weathers and a damaged boat

MEMO : here the ancestral line HISTON 9th century of the mother of ANDRE MALRAUX fished, sold across the Channel, dried fishes, and pulled ships in NOVEMBER to MARCH near to their lands along the shores stretching from small town Castle Rising, Norfolk



this is FJR his work detailing our SEA TRADING ancestry

from Roman Britain, the Dark Ages (Anglo-Saxons etc.) Medieval and sailing down the centuries, around the known globe, to the 19th Century

From age 12 years he was assisted by retired Heralds/historians/eminent people/and the vast RANSOM FAMILIES worldwide who also had collections on our early and modern ancestry and with whom we were always in touch up until the death of my father 1969 his brother Dr John Ray murdered horribly at MONTROSE 1969 - one of the leading criminals caught and put under a lorry load of gravel and sand leaving Lennie dr Len Immanuel Ransom born 1921 he slain horribly East coast Scotland 1981/82 Usual Noble thugs who can gather big moneys from other Noble thugs

( MEMO: we are 14 races 27 nations of brides from nations offshore from the coasts of EAST BRITAIN and called `Apes and Eskimos` by the thieving Noble British and Noble Scandinavians )

I recall as a small child taking part in this accurate scholarly wonderful exciting work, many visits Britain and abroad, Pieces of it believed to be destroyed in the spiteful destruction March 1969, which included his wife my mother and her very NOBLE CHUMS This is before he was attacked to kill him in London by JIM JONG Sir/cur JAMES of WHITES Club

NOTA BENE : this PIMP Jimmie Jong Sir JAMES 1954 : in the 1950s turned WHITES CLUB into a disgusting Vice Bar - he could not be evicted until May 1970 because of his TREMENDOUS friendships with scarlet gowns and crowns and high Titles Scotland and overseas )

1969 March : My father FJR died in a Greenwich/Deptford hospital he had been delivered in a vehicle that was a PRIVATE unacknowledged ambulance = SUCH WAS THE KUDOS/POWER of the NOBLE THUGS who had slain the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN around the world during the 2nd World War and all GOT RICH on a GENOCIDE to stop the small nations having educated intelligent young people in their work forces

This is his work, my young father FJR, from when he is age 12 years - assisted by retired Heralds/historians/the vast RANSOM FAMILIES worldwide who also had collections of our ancestry and with whom we were always in touch :

Daughter of Frederick John RANSOM born November 1911

I am Greta `Greetah` Frobisher Weddell Maureen Caecelia RANSOM born 11th March 1933 at Colchester = Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis ROMAN BRITAIN :











1960 January Colne Engaine - NIGHTWATCH :

USA Citizen - Dr John RAY (Ransom) speaking the above with great emotion upon the ever threatened RANSOM families Ancestral Records -

being demanded by MOONLIGHT and theft from Westminster since 1923, but NEVER IN WRITING or in a legal COURT OF LAW when shutters drawn and candles lit in MARBLE HALLS and Palaces it is quipped and winked that this ELDORADO is all to be called by MOONLIGHT

the property of ANGELA a former Miss Bowes Lyon : GIFTS from AN OLD drunken ESKIMO who could scarcely read or write Yah know hee haw hee haw

RANSOM HISTORIES & RECORDS, family homes and graves and monuments about the globe are attacked or threatened, slandered Especially under threat since 1932 is the genealogy work of Frederick John RANSOM who is the elder brother of Dr JOHN RAY Ransom :

FJR is the legal father of Greetah, John, and Colin Frederick RANSOM - his wife Teresa Elizabeth Gordon b Nov 24 1906 : her parents Mary Helena nee Carroll Williams b 1870 and George Ernest Gordon b 1868 one of 6 sons born to John Frederick Gordon and his wife Matilda nee Kellow : both of Edinburgh and Greenwich : ( NB: Teresa E.G. is one of 8 children of her parents who reached adulthood )

the good young soldier Frederick John RANSOM born November 1911 : elder son to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM and his wife JEAN Minerva nee WEDDELL : she grand-daughter of JAMES WEDDELL MARINER and his South American INCA wife Aelovedah-Maria Miss San Julian their 1824 QUAKER ROMAN CATHOLIC wedding is reported in newspapers :


the bride is the highly educated only child of Yah. Josef San JULIAN san Miguel Acting Governor for SPAIN He is of the INCA Peru : this line saved by Priests and educated in PORTUGAL 17th-18th-19th centuries - sometimes by The Jesuits :

issue 2 sons born 1825 and 1826 who are James II and John Weddell - James has 2 daughters born after he is 59 years old from his first and only marriage to Olivea Minerva nee Hesketh a widow she is a writer of music and known for her publication EVEN SONGS = 5 editions - plain covers of different colours :

John Weddell younger son has two marriages and 13-14 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren (one will act for Hollywood films - Cousin Clarke Gable to Jean nee Weddell ballerina - 1909 a widow marries Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM ( parents of 4 healthy children 1911 to 1921 who are FJR/JRR/Ivy JR/LIR


John RAY Ransom (middle RANSOM brother b c 1917/18 Deptford) has been learning more over XMAS 1959/January 1960 of the decades of deliberate violence & destruction from 1930s from BRITISH aristocrats accompanied by SCANDINAVIAN aristocrat GHOULS against the worldwide GROTE HOMES for orphan children educating them to 18/22 years of age & RANSOM philanthropy Estate the globe -

GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate in 3 Parts worldwide with a long antiquity and pedigree is an Estate approved ALL NATIONS except GREAT BRITAIN Nobles & Crowns & Governments and their relatives :

the always in-debt aristocrats have been claiming amongst themselves since 1923 that ESKIMOS & APES cannot have properties or make A WILL ( = meaning the RANSOM families - because we mainly marry OFF SHORE and are not racists ) -

RECORDS 1960 January : Colne Engaine :

Dr John RAY of USA takes the necessary NIGHTWATCH -

he the forgotten uncle by Greta Ransom :

We are at Colne Engaine/Engayne meadow, near Colchester (Camulodunum Colonia Victricensis) his niece GR worked in the Colchester Castle & Museums some years from 1952

MEMORANDUM : LETTERS from Harold Walter POULTER Deputy Curator Colchester & Essex Museums appear on two of my sites : Reader will follow that there is a friendship with ANDRE MALRAUX and Greta Ransom - MALRAUX appointed legal GUARDIAN to the entire Estate and to the young heirs Greta Ransom and Len Immanuel Ransom : and : in 2012 AD

1959/60 Christmastide THORPE-LE-SOKEN Essex The most hideous crime of the 20th century by IMPERIAL MONSTERS has been fairly well revealed by elder cousin Miss Teresa Mary Butler to Arthur Malone Politan the Detective for Andre Malraux - ANDRE MALRAUX now calling himself on his FIRST NIGHTWATCH its the BURGERMEISTER of PARIS and its a bit cold in this field at my age in life

Georgie-ANDRE MALRAUX is in the new General de GAULLE Government - a post created and called `CULTURAL MINISTER`

& he has spoken to General de Gaulle immediately telling him of the legal GUARDIANSHIP to this great GROTE RANSOM Estate - kept from him by organised theft of postal communications and many trickster ways :

They are trying unravel this highly efficient FRAUD … over the CHRISTMASTIDE 1959/1960 …

Document in 3 parts called `1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux etc is a kind of a scaffolding for the work following on/ … and in much shorter pieces of work on my new additional web site

1990s into 21st century, I Greta `Greetah` Ransom, organising their vast records, advise the Reader to take the `Scaffolding` `1937 SUMMER` etc. in 20-40 minutes at a time mornings or evenings I have inserted some photographs, and more at the beginning of the new site so we are not quite face and formless :

(((( This work in 3 Parts has great stretches of happiness in the 3,000 plus pages but reveals the violence directed at our families because we legally own this world-wide heavily successful PHILANTHROPIC ESTATE And our TRADING etc. RAISES STANDARDS about the Western world and the crushed 3rd World :

WE the GROTE RANSOM families, and our relatives, ARE IN THE WAY OF MIGHTY GROSS BRITAIN and its EMPIRE and all its aristocratic connections in SCANDINAVIA their THUGS interfere

THE whole MATTER IS OF EXTREME GOODNESS and of criminally insane VIOLENT MAD GREED ))))

Records : Hollywood USA has nasty interference too Uncle Fred Mac Murray = Ransom line, and Cousin Clark Gable = he is a great-grandson of the James Weddell Mariner line & great grandson of Yahamah San JULIAN Roman Catholic, of the INCA Priestly Mathematician Astronomer Royal line which is our INCA branch of RANSOM

JEAN ballerina ( widow - 2nd marriage Mrs FCFR ) ( mother of FJR IVR JRR and LIR is grandmother of Greetah Ransom ) is a grand-daughter of James Weddell Mariner and the Quaker-Roman Catholic marriage 1824 to The Aelovedah-Maria Miss San Julian only child of Y. Josef San Julian san Miguel Acting Governor for Spain : The marriage is reported in a newspaper as ` A MARRIAGE of an ICE WHITE BRIDE` and describes her trousseau & her respected scholarly Ice Breakers Trader father :

REPORTS : John RAY Ransom ( 2nd son of 3 ) born c 1917/18 at Deptford, by the River Thames, to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM & his Argentine wife Jean Weddell ballerina : young widow 2nd marriage to FCFR - The 2 years old is, to safe his life, removed to USA 1919/20, hidden in a special Kentucky philanthropy school for damaged babies & toddlers .

Baby John at 1 month old is attacked by 2 women of the family of the Earls of LINDSAY Crawford - they come in a carriage to `Jerusalem` the little Deptford house all that was left to young widow Millie Frobisher Mrs John Ransom 1890 after the LINDSAY Earl known as OLD HIGH POOP had her husband the Educationalist slain in the school playground of HITHERGREEN School, London :