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10th-11th centuries : Alice RANSOM of Family of OSBERT RANSOM : she may be his wife :

he of our motto SATTEUS LAETUS = I am content with sufficient :

We have the GODWIN family come in by marriage to RANSOM (this is family of Harold who lost Battle Hastings 1066 to William of Normandy : GODWIN line enters 9th-10th centuries : our records may add more : We have a Courtney marriage 10th-13th centuries ) `Osbert avoids the Court except when he has to go - a matter of LAW had them all at Westminster - a dispute with a sister-in-law ? ( There is an Alixa - a tapestry showed Osbert, a woman, 2 other people at Court - photos & sketches - Letters said how the Earl of LINDSAY 1890s had gone for the tapestry with his shears - he always had all evidence of persons he had robbed removed

(1953 31st December Nethrington Hall NEW YEAR EVE :

I am shown an 1890s sepia framed photo of a young woman with fair hair in her brown skating outfit, hands in a muff - the elderly woman showing me calls her `my cousin Millie` and says `after her death the Earl ordered all the families to DESTROY ALL PHOTOS OF HER and all paintings and drawings :

She continues to say I kept this one because she was my cousin and your grandfather had stayed with us in his school holidays after his mother was dead I replied, wondering if I was in the right place `no she was Matilda my great-grandmother` then became frightened She was called away - the LINDSAY poisoned her at about 9 pm - I am told 1970 `you saw the two murderers go up the stairs to her he thought you recognised him from the seaside - heir to the Earl of Lindsey - so he always paid Lieutenant-Commander David Brown rnvr to keep you out of his way `

1970 winter - ANDRE MALRAUX with a few good souls has insisted coming into The Pillar House Harwell late evenings January 1970 to try stop the FOUL MOUTHS of the old and new PIMPS about us : the faithful POLITAN Arthur Malone near 70 years of age continues his duties when he feels he must : Philip Silverlee is in touch with him

NOTA BENE: If the 2nd World War GENOCIDE of the worldwide GROTE HOMES CHILDREN were exposed (as planned February 1960) then Imperial criminally insane FIGURES from A MORGUE of Scotland-Gross Britain and Scandinavia would have no KUDOS : But forelock tugging goes on and the EVIL continue collecting expenses for `Wars with the INCA` and `HUNTING BIG & LITTLE GAME` :

(MEMO : my great-grandmother Millie Frobisher Mrs John Ransom was murdered 1897 by two LINDSAY 2nd cousins - her body was delivered in a blanket to the door of that little house `Jerusalem` Deptford by the little Park at night into the arms of her 14 years old only surviving son : He is my grandpa Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM :

1953 New Year : There were 40 LINDSAYbuggarhs at this New Years Eve nosh-up - all of them heard read out at the Table by criminally insane EARL Lindsey 14 their share of the silently stolen RANSOM 1801 19 acres under NEW YORK - This is the monster who killed with 2 others the Sea heiress of Castle Hedingham, in my class 1942 - we are both 9 years old : This Lindsey heir (to be No 14 in 1943) was drunkenly rude to us both March 1942 - demanding her NEWFOUNDLAND properties `FOR THE CROWN` = HE PAID HIS DEATH DUTIES BY MURDERING HER : her father and brother have just been killed in the 2nd World War :

This fat short dope-soaked dope grower Scotland, its mad eyes roving around, had me sent the BILL for her funeral in the spring - he eyed us first in class and said `who is the richest of you` ? - then angrily pointed a fat dirty finger at me - My grandmother circulated this BILL : the funeral was `mock` - the body to be flown to NEWFOUNDLAND - it never was :

In 1960 her grandmother Mrs MacDrew is still asking the British Government HOME OFFICE since 1945 `WHERE IS MY GRAND-DAUGHTER BURIED ? They never put an answer in writing … she is found dead on her doorstep Holland-on-Sea 1960 : Mr JIM JONG well known East Anglia PIMP 1920s-1940s, 1954 knighted as Sir JAMES, told Police ` Oh she always took heroin` : She had never touched drugs in her good wholesome life :

This child is the tragic niece of Captain Patrick MacDrew friend of the Gordon family … he would help Granny Gordon wash-up after the Clacton Sunday teas for all the young friends of her family - then come to Benediction with us - Our old chief Priest is sent from Rome by `Young Pacelli` :


This behaviour is normal in Scotland : 1920s it has invaded the green and pleasant land of ENGLAND :

The British Empire has declined for a hundred years, is coin less - is tottering - PIMPS like Premier LINDSAY-Lindsey EARLS are killing all the 20th century to get money

RANSOM families have managed to survive the past 1900 years - they will NOT be allowed to survive the 20th century with any dignity or with our great PHILANTHROPY ESTATE : The GENOCIDE of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN done by British & Scandinavian Nobles equals the NAZI crimes :


1800s a marriage made : AQUIDA/Aqida/ACQUEDA ? = San Sebastian & area - our Basque relatives/farming/a hostelry 1920s/ = c 1808/9 marriage = WIFE of Yah. Josef San JULIAN f. San Miquel of the INCA (not seen by G.R. since 1939 : Reports disturb. 1960 - Dr John RAY Ransom met Biarritz area branch in 1948 : )

( Mother of SAN JULIAN is of a noble line pre-16th century SPAINISH Conquest ancient name something like `PANOUCHEY` = later centuries becomes `Manolaos-variations to 20th century - Lands owned by her people are beyond San Julian Bay coasts into coasts of Tierra del Fuego - lost 18th-19th centuries : ( I Greta Ransom meet them 1936 on our NORD-SUD Poles Tour of GROTE HOMES for Aunt Margareth = she is resting and working away in France and Italy = her grandson is a Priest in Rome :


6th-7th century SPAIN - Aurora RANSOM - Berber family, father farmer, Trader & Town Council Castile : The family chronicles are written by one of their 5 children, a cripple : both religions kept :

Reader and Ransom families can find a full history on `1937 SUMMER etc` & RANSOM Part I

I may find more information :

1929 Aunt Margareth nee Ransom (widow of Tiggy = Thomas Immanuel Grote) goes to stay with a descendant of Aurora 6th century Berber family - he is a shipping Agent on the waterfront at ??? Spain : The name is perhaps like Al`Fez ??? Something - Lennie says `Oh her father my Dad`s grandpa knew them ` :

I thank `Aurora` too for my good health : Her father tried drive YOUNG RANSOM OFF when he saw him chatting to her : She is described by young RANSOM come a courting her as very tall 6 feet, dark hair, brown black, below her waist and EYES THE COLOUR OF THE SPANISH DAWN …” Thus we get a RANSOM Granny of another Race - before we add the Montreal Indian brides, the far North and Siberia Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Red Indian brides - as well as Greenland, Greece, Albania, Persian, INCA etc We will become 14 Races and 27 nations of Ransom brides by 1909 !


ARBUTHNOT : A family at Clacton-on-Sea 1930s who are 3rd cousins to RANSOM families : My father FJR and Lennie LIR would speak with them :

It was felt wise not to draw the attention of THE NOBLE MAFIA on the Clacton town SEAFRONT the Earls of LINDSAY-Lindsey gang - they would harass them and their relatives = if they thought they had any lands or moneys :


ALEXANDER RANSOM born c 1900 : 1st son to FCFR

(out of wedlock) to Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM (17 years old) - mother Finnish/she wrapped babe few days old in newspaper and delivered him to FCFR - who was surprised !

Asked for help : Yes, we must baptize him : What about ALEXANDER ? : THUS ALEXANDER RANSOM who has no problems of identity : He was placed with a clever friend - at 9 years began to travel with FCFR and wife 1909 Jean Weddell ballerina - they had to travel about the GROTE HOMES and the Estate worldwide - Alexander went too and learned many languages and schooled in everything : He acted stern big brother to Len and me when he dropped in from USA : He treated `Jerusalem` as home : he looked like all of us - fair hair and sturdy and he was quite tall : He became a farmer in USA, happily married = 2 daughters - grandchildren : He understood the troubles - last visit to ENGLAND 1939 to funeral of his father : he knew it was FOUL - returns to his family I North America - may have been slain by LINDSAY and JIM Jong Cur JAMES & Mengele HARRINGTON early 1950s : 2 daughters would not be safe if they have sons : MEMORANDUM : Notebook of 1929 `ALL RANSOM MALES TO BE KILLED` :


ATAHUALPA - Ruler Priest Scientist of INCA - brother HUASCAR :

5 years old son escaped 16th century Spanish MASSACRE = Portugal R.C. then JESUITS upbringing for line : Yah. Josef San JULIAN direct descendant/daughter marries JAMES WEDDELL Mariner friend of her father 1824 = issue 2 sons James & John : ( INDEX 1937 SUMMER etc ) etc & /WORDPRESS used as store & work editing assembling/


17th century DISSENTER BAXTER family =

See Judge Jeffreys Bloody Assize/historic case/history paintings : (no blood line )

1900s Argentine : Marriage made by younger sister of JEAN Weddell ballerina/ issue 2 sons - (aunt to FJR/IJR/JJR/LIR - great-aunt to Greta Ransom)

1920s-1930s = their education interfered with Blackpool : their father a BOOKBINDER horribly persecuted by the old IMPERIAL GANG : My Uncle Baxter is found hanged 1938/1939 = they did it the criminally insane Imperial FIGURES from A MORGUE :

Wedding present from Margareth Ransom GROTE is a now well known SAMUEL PALMER watercolour = kept on a shaded wall I would kneel on a chair to look into its tiny detail : Old Fred Ransom knew the painter : ( FR father of Margareth-John & Poul their `heimat` JACOPSHOLMEN Island off XRISTENSHARB West Greenland)

The 2 beautiful BAXTER sons SLAIN Australia 1953 by LINDSAY & JIM JONG `HUNTING BIG GAME` - claim EXPENSES for FUN TRIP from The

WHITEHALL Centre of British Government :

( Mid-1950s Reports on disappearance of BAXTER sons, first cousins to the RANSOM children of FCFR & wife JWR come from bastard Ed du Cann b 1924 - his mother Teresa Gordon b 1906 and her sister Aunt Miss Winifred Mary Gordon b 1910 : TWO More young MARTYRS

so that Gross Britain can get rich - at the top : )

1960 - BAXTER 2 sons : Heart-rending REPORTS 1960 to Patrick MacDrew

( he is uncle of the murdered 1942 Castle Hedingham 9 year old heiress - so LINDSAY-Lindsey EARL 14 could easily pay his 1943/44 double death duties - from her NEWFOUNDLAND Estate - registered in NAME OF CROWN of Gross Britain ) :

1960/61 - Reports that the BAXTER sons, ( cousins to FJR, sister & brothers, also to Greta and Colin Ransom ) were missing then found dead in Australia, received by Arthur Malone Law Detective for ANDRE MALRAUX - Information gathered from families Ransom-Gordon etc -Butler

( There is a BAXTER North American branch : they visited by JIM JONG PIMP Cur JAMES Steward of WHITES CLUB St James` (runs big VICE) & `COUNT` LINDSEY of & for THE BRITISH SCUM : )



Of the Months - 12 sonnets - Folgore da San Geminiano

For July, in Siena, by the willow-tree,

I give you barrels of white Tuscan wine

In ice far down your cellars stored supine ;

And morn and eve to eat in company

Of those vast jellies dear to you and me;

Of partridges and youngling pheasants sweet,

Boiled capons, sovereign kids; and let their treat

Be veal and garlic, with whom these agree.

Let time slip by, till by and by, all day;

And never swelter through the heat at all,

But move at ease at home, sound, cool, and gay;

And wear sweet-coloured robes that lightly fall;

And keep your tables set in fresh array,

Not coaxing spleen to be your seneschal.

Translated by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

(13th century Siena)


16th century : MARGARET `Maggie` RANSOM -

b 1505 ?/or 1508/9 ? - RANSOM Montrose Basin Farm & overseas Estate :

Her two brothers dead at sea, next her 1st CAREW husband and 16 years old son dead at sea, then their daughter dies age 15 in childbirth : MAGGIE PUT ON SEA BOOTS & is accepted - she ran the Boat Yard Montrose Basin for 3 harsh years her

tenants helped her and as SEA TRADER in her own RIGHT , she could SAIL AWAY & administer the overseas Estate RANSOM : All she need do is `advise in writing Cinque Port Authority where she hoped to travel - the times permitting `

She may just step into the 17th century after years of good health : her portrait painted when she is 92 years showed an upright slim woman, tall, her hair kept dark, a kind strong face

1939 WORLD WAR II begins 3rd-4th September :

This portrait of MAGGIE a daughter of F. Ransom & 2nd wife The Lady Japan, was in our RANSOM Farmhouse Montrose Summer 1939 : At this time, a letter, a telephone call to Mary Gordon Clacton-on-Sea my maternal grandmother has old family friend Young DUVEEN with anxiety speak of `Swastikas and Rising Suns chalked all over the Farm walls - and he adds they are after the Pictures, Mary

APPEARANCE of Maggie : in fact - she reminded me of our RANSOM line Uncle Fred MacMurray Insurance Wall Street and makes FILMS when INSURANCE not doing so well : That longer face :

If I recall this correctly from late 1930s, I Greta Ransom age 4/6 years, then I think others in the family noticed this resemblance to him too ? 1938/39 Uncle MacMurray and wife, dog, and son John, have been in Oxford and London making a film : We all go to lunch and tea with them but we see them frequently in America (RANSOM= MacMurray-Grandison-& other lines )

MUSIC : MAGGIE RANSOM (and her globe family) experienced MUSIC of the ages 15th-16th century - Continent, Spain, Palestine, Japan, and BRITAIN composers of magnificent Spiritual music have been at work 11th-century onwards = progress is known from Bird & Tallis = Josquin de Pres-Machaut In the 20th century ballads and popular music have been explored by the Early Music groups from the `Dark Ages` Medieval and Renaissance : This can all be gathered from internet and music festivals especially in GAUL/France She will miss the Early Opera of Claudio Monteverdi - as Poppaea/Orpheo/ and that most enthusiasm giving 1610 MASS performed Venice :

1945 July : Greetha Ransom & Georges-ANDRE Colonel MALRAUX sang the Full 1610 MASS in Choir July 1945 Clacton-on-Sea, Church of Our Lady, Clacton seafront : The performance is for JOSETTE CLOTIS his dead young chosen Catholic wife, mother of his two tiny sons Pierre G. and Vincent Malraux This full performance is to give him the WILL to step into LIFE again

1945 May ANDRE MALRAUX Widower, returned to Clacton-on-Sea to us AT THE SEAS EDGES - bearing in his arms from the 2nd World War his 2 dead half-brothers and JO known to Clacton from that happiness we all shared SUMMER 1937 :

with East Anglia good comradeship, he again finding `the GOSPELS ACTED OUT` had him not TAKE THE ROBE as we in the Convent School top class (12-15 year olds) feared

MEMO : The tall solemn Widower, romantic looking `hero of All Ages & still a boy ` = if he is starved for 2-3 days then he can do BOY SOPRANO in Church and for Madrigals : explanation from our Choir Mistress Mrs Taylor (understudied MILAN) is that Alfred DELLER is in PARIS 1920s and all aesthete young men learned how to sing counter-tenor …”

Further comment from our Choir Mistress is that fellah that Greetah had the care of before the War is NOT taking the ROBE with that voice = the VEIL perhaps

16th century MAGGIE RANSOM : Ancestress of little Peter - P.R.R.W. photographer-philosopher-humanist = 21.8.1970 = 19.5.1998

The following happy ending pages are for his birthday 21st August 2012 AD

PETE may perhaps have made a film/documentary of her life

He had heard a little of her from Cousin Julie Butler who admired Maggie Ransom twice CAREW = her parents, brothers, her first family dead, she ran the Boat Yard Montrose Basin, the sheep farming, the RANSOM ancestral lands and properties overseas - Japanese Pacific Lusan Chain 2 isle-lets, kept up with relatives and ancestral lines all over the known world - Administered the Venetian, French, Spanish Ransom past brides dowry seashores & saw that the tenants, her tenant s now, had a civilized life :

GRANTED by ROYAL FRIENDS status of `A SEA TRADER in her own right` as her parents F. Ransom & 2nd wife The Lady Japan of an older Royal line of Okinawa After 3 years of hard work she began building up the Estate capital again - So much moneys were demanded of their parents when her sister PHOEBE married Sir Lionel MAINWARRING - and he had enormous debts :

1930s - RANSOM families are regaled with tales of the wicked Sir Lionel by their descendant Uncle Captain MAINWARRING RN retired = with polite caution from his wife GRACE when he says things a little `forward` for `niece` Greta Ransom and their grand-daughter

A RANSOM-Carew descendant is my only son PETE - P.R.R.W. - and his just commencing career with PHOTOGRAPHS : his camera work, life and friends, has begun on www.ANCESTRYANDTRUETALES.JIMDO.COM - this summer

2012 AD ( Greta Ransom W. )


16th century : MARGARET RANSOM `Maggie`

Born 1505 ? 1508/9 ? : daughter of three, two brothers, the 5 children born 2nd marriage to SEA TRADER F. RANSOM & Lady Japan of an old Royal line Okinawa


1948 March : NOTA BENE : A telegram of BIRTHDAY GREETINGS from the Emperor and Empress of JAPAN came to me Greta Frobisher Weddell RANSOM 1948 my 15th birthday 11th March my Aunt Miss Winifred Gordon ex-ATS kept it `to show to family people` : she was advised by a bastard of her sister Teresa Gordon (1932 becomes Mrs Ransom ) = Edward du Cann b May 1924/ not to show it to ANDRE MALRAUX Guardian from October 1937 to Greta Ransom and the world wide Estate GROTE HOMES and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` )


The Lady of Okinawa = Nihalah YUSS-?-?-? ( called by LIR born 1921 put to learning Japanese ` Ni the Lady Shampoo` ) come from a Convent Bruges - 1499 AD her brother a young Japanese Sea Captain saved life of F. RANSOM and a crew member clinging to a spar Arctic Seas - wife and 2 sons dead in the ship wreck : 2 daughters married East-North coast RANSOM lands Britain : After 4 years of widowhood a marriage is arranged and she age 27 years old, gets RELEASE from her Convent where she retired after the death of her parents : `Lady of Japan` is to be the future mother of MAGGIE RANSOM Carew Carew RANSOM :

1504 in a gown of rose & salmon she wed F. RANSOM widower in his early 40s in BRUGES CATHEDRAL - the bells rang

1500 - He had already bought the Farm Montrose Basin, carved 1500 beside the door and over the fireplace - he gave the former Family home near Dundee to a daughter, the other daughter on E-N. Britain Ransom ancestral lands :

MARGARET `MAGGIE` one of their 5 children (perhaps the eldest ?) is raised at the family farm near the Basin Montrose

& travelled at an early age to many parts of the known world with her parents, and her brothers :

She dies as Maggie Ransom Carew Carew RANSOM = Sea Trader in her own Right : she one of 3 daughters born to F. Ransom & Lady Japan - her two brothers first born they die at sea - ? mercifully after the deaths of their parents = Sea Trader F. Ransom (Diaries/letters) & `my lovely lady of Japan who never complained when we knew the hard winter times` … ` we must stay at Montrose ` :

With her parents and two brothers dead MAGGIE is accepted as Sea Trader in her own right : runs the family boat yard Montrose basin - fits inventions making life easier and safer for ships at sea carries out good repair work for ships

The first year she hears that the sickly Ransom infant son of her elder brother dies : the daughters of both brothers are cared for by their mothers and families - her brothers saw their families were secure : The RANSOM Estate is declared the inheritance of she and delicate health sister youngest in the family. At time of their brothers deaths at sea she Maggie is married to her first husband CAREW - has a son and daughter, income from his Carew Estate: they were much travelled assisting with the care of the RANSOM overseas Estates - :

The Farm Montrose Basin : Because of 20 years of FINANCIAL DRAIN on the RANSOM parents ( beginning with the expenses of sending 27 (?) years old PHOEBE to Court, and then her marriage to the older widower Sir Lionel Mainwarring, his heavy debts plus those of his 19 years old son and their continuing EXPENSES claimed on the parents of PHOEBE now Lady Mainwaring ) the Montrose Estate is in a perilous state : the overseas Estates did not suffer too much : Maggie and her first husband enjoyed visiting and organising, and keeping tenants in contentment :

The deaths of her brothers, are suddenly followed by the deaths of her husband Carew and their son age 16 at sea : There is a run of years of bad weather The four deaths are followed by that of her daughter age 15 years who dies in childbirth :

Maggie tells Henry VIII that she can fend for herself after receiving a visit, then his letter of sorrow : She replies ` that he must do what he is raised to do - he must continue to lead the country - and they will all follow him `

Her father & his first family had an acquaintance with families of Henry VII and wife : And her mother The Lady of Okinawa of an older Royal Line Japan was recognised in rank = it was accepted that they wished to live quietly when at MONTROSE - they were not young anymore, and she from a Convent and he a Widower had started a young family :

Unmarried daughter PHOEBE RANSOM at 27 (?) years of age with her black Japanese eyes had gone to Court : Her parents found it cost them a lot more money than they had set aside : And when PHOEBE married the older widower Sir Lionel Mainwarring, with an unpleasant 19 years old son, the marriage began swiftly to cost them great sums of money : His debts had not been known - and his ongoing gambling and that of his nasty son increased vastly : Sir Lionel had married RANSOM money and did not hesitate to spend it

To quote their descendant our much liked `Uncle Gimlet Eyes Mainwarring RN` we all want to kick him up the BUM, Sir Lionel, for the way he treated our PHOEBE he knocked her down in a drunken fit when she could not get more moneys for he and his son from her parents

He and son demanded bigger and bigger sums of money from her parents - They gambled more, they fought after picking quarrels with rascals linked to Court or good citizens :

PHOEBE died leaving two children age 10 and 9 years - the evil step-son and Sir Lionel soon died of liquor-gambling-fighting and more liquor serves them right !

( Uncle Mainwarring RN retired is forthright - sometimes his wife GRACE has to gently caution him that perhaps family scandals are not yet to be heard by the ears of 4-5 year olds - including their grand-daughter )

MEMORANDUM : the 2 children of PHOEBE and `The Wicked SIR LIONEL MAINWARRING` were raised by a distant branch and were free of the debauchery of Sir Lionel : Descendants first half of 20th century were plain living persons and not in want :

I wonder if Uncle Mainwarring told them that they too can fly the FLAG of ZHENG HE ` Admiral of the China Seas : he flew it at Cowes c 1938/39 under the noses of the Admiralty & when asked what was it said `Oh a distant ancestor given it out East ` : White silk with 3 scarlet suns or stars :


After the death of PHOEBE (sister to Maggie Ransom) her parents left the farm Montrose in good hands and sailed to Japan, stayed at Okinawa with their relatives & called at our 2 Lusan Chain islets at the end, out in the Pacific : they were away 2 years and returned somewhat recovered from their grief at the loss of daughter Phoebe - their youngest daughter always travelled with them - she rather delicate did not wish to marry and was happy being with her parents : She also kept a big correspondence and took care of Records and the Montrose books and the home After their death she dies age 39 years -

1936/1937 = We RANSOMs - Lennie and mc `Greetah`, recorded all their graves, with camera, and drawings : the turf had to be cleaned off - because of RELIGIONS coming and going : We were not allowed in the dining room because we smelt of ` mould and decay ` :

I had my frocks washed twice a day - was scrubbed down to get rid of the grass, and ages of mud : We felt that the Lady Japan was still there and MAGGIE dashed about with us bare feet so much to do : the rooms were not different, the floors had known our Ancestors feet

In October 1939 my father Warrant Officer Frederick John RANSOM had two giant engraved slabs, 16th century, with names sent by ship to USA - He feared for more demolition up there : I hear from him in 1945 that he did not know if they arrived USA where he had sent them :


1940 January - Officer Fred John RANSOM : he woke on a plane going to Philippines - he had been doped : It was not known he spoke Japanese - because of this he could listen to Japanese broadcasting and gave assistance to intelligent Army persons and they were able to all get safely away from the Philippines before the Japanese came :

FJR - PHILIPPINES : He did a magnificent swim one night which saved hundreds of lives - for which Britain was to give him an Award after the 2nd World War -

But the name RANSOM is to be removed FROM HISTORY so the BIG BRITISH EMPIRE IMPERIAL top of the pyramid, can go on more big fraud-theft-murders glitzy SPENDING : We seem to have found more creatures in the MOULD of 16th century Sir Lionel Mainwarring

( Frederick John RANSOM, my father, direct descendant of Maggie Ransom and her parents, has 7 years of Army training 1927/1934 and this had him of great use in England in Wartime - stores, gunnery, etc = It was JIM PIMP and LINDSAY-Lindseybuggarhs = Premier Earls of Scotland and Gross Britain who organised this hurtling him out of Britain = so they could have a free hand THIEVING from the great overseas RANSOM Estate using the 2nd World War as COVER : They were boasting he was to die in the Philippines - then in Africa, in Kenya : He escaped with help from human beings :

1944 October : Orders were given to British Consul FRANCE to ` send two men to shoot the GROTE RANSOM Estate GUARDIAN Andre MALRAUX & the woman Josette Clotis ` : The 2 British GUNMEN, 1 could pass for a Frenchman, descended on the little chateau Charente near Tulles and threatened Josette & 2 tiny sons : but her mother arrived same day : they did not know where MALRAUX was : Josette 10 days later had a horrific fall from a train seeing her mother off home - Josette had her legs run over by the train : The 2 gunmen melted away : All this can be read in its harrowing details in biographies & in my assembled Records `Document in 3 parts : 1937 SUMMER etc : Short relevant pieces of work are appearing on this site and