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16th Century - RANSOM family & Estate :

Montrose Basin and overseas :

( Maggie & Phoebe Ransom )

There was a painting of elder sister PHOEBE and it is included in a series of Cigarette cards - 1969 the elder daughter of Angela remarks at a luncheon in a big Sir Edwin Lutyens House I remember the painting of Phoebe Ransom with her Japanese eyes when I was a child …” ( At this luncheon we are to regard her as Mrs Windsor = as Queen Elizabeth II she is not always on duty ) MEMO : Family paintings were sometimes copied so that others of the family might have a favourite relative or ancestor on their walls

MAGGIE (and all her family) have a scholars relationship to the future Henry VIII : she makes a first CAREW marriage at 13/14 and has a son and daughter : The CAREW family were rather wild & married money : they dovetail into GILBERT family half brother to Sir Walter RAYLEIGH

( 1963 Kent I meet some & hear your name is all over our family house Ransom marry Carew our relatives too well when we are asked to `go home` we have to hhmmmn )

MAGGIE took him Husband CAREW no 1 immediately abroad ~ THEY HIT VENICE went to Balls, music, visiting

says Uncle Dr JOHN RAY Ransom descendant, as delighted by Maggie Ransom as everyone is when they come to know her histories :

She taught him how valuable were friends amongst people of honesty and intellect with her he experienced music/poetry/arts/the theatres/architecture/sciences/learned languages he learned of voyages of exploration of good trading, of caring for ones lands and dependants as friends and families : In 2 years she had turned a developing wild wild CAREW into an enlightened human being with a career a mission a direction in life :

1st husband CAREW ? : They were very happy - he dies at Sea with their 16 years old son : the next year their daughter dies in childbirth at 15 years of age : Maggie is entering her mid-30s : A visit to Montrose from Henry VIII had him with sincere sadness : He verified her SEA TRADER status `a Sea Trader in her own right - she might leave Britain any time - simply inform CINQUE PORTS authority in writing ` :

4 years later a letter to her from Henry says ` I am sending you another CAREW or I fear he will kill himself before long 7 years younger but take him Abroad as you did with his kinsman your first husband I believe you will have another good husband ` She was able to LEAVE Britain anytime as a SEA TRADER she took the new husband abroad immediately :

Dr John RAY Ransom has been exploring Records in USA and reading the work of his elder brother FJR - their mother had carefully written him his ancestry 1930s LETTERS from JEAN

as with the first husband, Maggie after the second marriage took him abroad - as before they first `hit VENICE for 6 months` = music/art/literature/society of intelligence at the same time she is teaching him to take care of her Estate abroad learning languages meeting people of quality and intellect everywhere as well as recognising that ones tenants should be treated as family They had a son and a daughter swiftly : She wore a black wig often because he did not care for her nut brown reddish hair - she was full of energy, pretty, danced and sang she wore a dress of silver thread MOONLIGHT weave in VENICE they were all the fashion

( The Moonlight dress was kept at Montrose : `Aunt Mag` Margareth Ransom our Girl of the SNOWS wore it once - I would do the same when grown I think it was shown to me 1936 the bodice can be adjusted for any figure - I have a postcard of one in a Museum - it can be inserted in this work )

1960 January/February : `NIGHTWATCH` Dr John RAY Ransom - come urgently from USA Washington by MOONLIGHT to Colne Engaine :

? The second husband a 7 years younger CAREW - as he got older he became a man of integrity and ran their overseas estates and our Montrose Estate & helped with local Scotland matters - ` he was murdered returning home by horseback one winter night in an icy muddy lane - there was some moonlight ` After participation with just landowners and local farmers and small holders to pass a good helpful law : This LAW and his agreement to it did not please Noble greed :`

MEMO : LETTERS existed 1938 : and records of them had been made late 19th century by Millie Frobisher and husband JOHN RANSOM brother of Margareth nee Ransom MRS THOMAS IMMANUEL GROTE = our TIGGY who founded the HOMES on RANSOM ancestral lands worldwide at first leaving RANSOM families SHOELESS

So his family firm GROTE BROKERS NEW YORK in late 1860s gave their valued in-laws and clients nearly 4 acres land NEW YORK : later part of the CENTRAL PARK =

NOTA BENE: This was fraudulently sold towards the end of 20th century = DID THE MONEYS GO TO LINDSAY-LINDSEY or The BRITISH CROWNS or SCANDINAVIA relatives ????

when she approached 60 years she bade him, 7 years younger, follow his heart - After they had their children she had stressed to him that the age would matter one day & her body would grow thin and stringy and she would be beyond child baring : He stayed a good husband : She lived to be over 92 years old - having her portrait painted for her 92 years To honour his memory she kept her hair dyed black with stuffs from abroad & dressed with grace : Her son had to live in Spain after the murder of his father : he married, his wife died - the children came to Maggie to raise - then the grandchildren : Her daughter married & had children

1935/1939 = My father FJR is teaching Lennie and me RANSOM histories - we have been to our 1500 Farm Montrose, her home too, her parents books and later books are on the shelves where they always were kept : her American descendants are over, big boys Ransom are sailing real yachts in The Basin : GR

16th-17th century MARGARET RANSOM = Maggie Ransom Carew Carew RANSOM : My father says JUST THIS ONCE in all our main line descending from REDEMPTIO 92 AD Suffolk WE HAVE HAD TO CONTINUE BY THE WOMAN But she had to take on twice the role of the MAN she rolled up her sleeves after the death of her first husband her son and daughter and got the BOAT REPAIRS YARD and Inventions producing an income for her household and tenants they had three years of very hard work in all weathers because of the marriage of PHOEBE it had bled them all

She had a right to an Estate from the First CAREW Marriage but the CAREW would not give it to her : ` She had no intention of going to LAW and wasting time and money she tells them to get lost :

She organised the food the cooking for her workforce and they worked like TROJANS that first three years, during the cold winters too, to make the BOAT YARD pay they could not just depend upon sheep :

MEMORANDUM : there were drawings of the work going on at our 16th century Montrose Boat Yard and Maggie in heavy clothing sleeves rolled up, head muffled up as others in the distance a thin pencil had done it : its likely they were done at the time ? : the family portraits, including one by young friend JOOS van Cleve show the connections to artists and musicians I hear 1930s of `silver pencil drawings ` this may mean the century of drawings done ? G.R.

2012 AD - Greta Ransom , grand-daughter (9 generations ?) down the centuries from MAGGIE RANSOM adds She must see they are warmly clothed, have fuel, nourishing food, handle outbreaks of sickness & accidents PRAY NO PLAGUE COMES and encourage work all the daylight hours get them to Church on Sunday and see they rest for Monday - not offend religious persons : She must have beer and good meats for all her workforce and dependants at Christmastide

( and she has musicians - and encourages singing while they work away Greta Ransom and Len Immanuel RANSOM = who have life from she too )

Dr John RAY Ransom USA citizen/from elder brother my father, Frederick John RANSOM :

The descriptions of her, the drawings of she and they all muffled up in winter - her sleeves rolled up, she in heavy clothing as she also does manual jobs show her accepting the role of LAST OF OUR LINE Then she makes another CAREW marriage :

She returns to our name RANSOM after the death of the second Carew - her son, her grandson take the name RANSOM and carry us on We retain the names Frederick 1st son, John the second - twice only we have had to descend through the JOHN …” (speaking, writing, My Father FJR now senior compiler of the family records GR)

Frederick John RANSOM b November 1911 - killed finally at Deptford March 1969 by the Imperial criminally insane of MASSIVE GREED :


Henry VIII had known Maggie a long time knew her worth as a refined kindly educated woman, daughter of the Noble Lady Japan, did not forget knowing civilized happiness at Montrose - he wrote `TRY ANOTHER CAREW - else I fear he will kill himself in 3 or 4 years take him abroad as before `HIT VENICE again` ! `

NB: she was also travelled - visited Japan with parents :

1930s the letters are with the Solicitors for the family of Old Fred Ransom & now they are to come to us from Margareth nee RANSOM his daughter, our `GIRL OF THE SNOWS ` ( Aunt Mag is the WIDOW of TIGGY GROTE murdered Arran W.Hebrides 1904 by LINDSAY Premier Earls and other noble IMPERIAL SCUM ) - we are to get them photographed, copied, and taken for safety to USA :

DESTRUCTION of most VALUABLE HISTORIC RECORDS : Autumn 1938 a car boot full of historic letters and Records were all burned beside the Thames by the Earl of Lindsay & Jimmy Jong and another thug THIS criminally insane LINDSAY EARL No 12 stopped Augusta Frobisher and me Greta Ransom age 5 and a half taking our unique Family Records by boat to Norway where they were to be flown immediately to USA and a great Museum :

He ordered JIM PIMP to set fire to them - I cried out `Stop them Augusta ` JIMMIE JONG hit me in the face and tossed me on the ground THE FIRES WERE LIT A Policeman called could do nothing THIS WAS AN EARL it was DEAD from madness and wickedness in 1939 : `1937 SUMMER etc` and RANSOM Part I etc.

MAGGIE RANSOM is like the North Pole Star in the RANSOM SEA TRADER ancestral SKIES :

16th-17th centuries she carries our line, that main line father to son coming from 77 AD when Redemptio = Ransom stepped ashore from his ship at Tower Hill : So far all who have examined this unique genealogy have agreed MAGGIE takes us forward she stepped into the SEA BOOTS of her father, her brothers : She took up her own name after the murder of her 2nd good husband CAREW :

Margaret `Maggie` Ransom Carew Carew RANSOM lived at Montrose & travelled the RANSOM overseas Estate her portrait she age 92 with her black hair, her upright carriage, was on the wall our Montrose farm in 1939 :


NB : 1939 = VIOLENCE at MONTROSE FARM begins :

JIMMIE JONG PIMP 2 man Unit Intelligence back of Buckingham Palace now calling himself Major Jim Carew/O`Carroll/James/or even MacMurray-Mac Murphy & this-and-that may have burned this painting of MAGGIE or sold it after removing her name ? He has `Queens flight` and takes stolen loot to USA from 1941 for quick cash sales - he helped himself to a `VASE-vause-vaeze` from Buckingham Palace 1941 : he may have needed War Expenses ? : He has a 2-room apartment back of Buckingham Palace since 1921 - he often rents it out & can squat in other rooms

16th century - Margaret `Maggie` RANSOM Carew Carew RANSOM continues pages 53/54 to 60s below a few of her SEA GOING ancestors her roots


4th-6th centuries ? RANSOM mainline - some GREENLAND trade - bride of Iceland - a Scandinavian name but her Christian name is Rachel - records said she had very white skin and pale gold hair

We have two Brides - from Leif Ericson and Eric the Red - about 3 digits out (Dr John RAY R. records - he has scholar friends into VINLANDIA records able to verify the original RANSOM records : ) :

I have added this to `1937 SUMMER etc.` somewhere - and perhaps in RANSOM Part I there can be more as I begin to turn through typescripts available :


1400 we went East (again), not much before made marriages suitable not so high as before ( 1520s/1530s : Diary F. RANSOM widower - 2nd marriage to my lovely Lady of Japan …”

Fuller histories : `Document in 3 Parts 1937 SUMMER Andre Malraux Josette Clotis Greta Ransom Clacton-on-Sea & WEST GREENLAND /RANSOM Ancestry Part I

3 brides - MAINLINE Ransom & his brother : 1400s = Siberia/Mongolia/China (N. Korea now) then Japan 1504 :

I Greetah RANSOM have been aiding the restoration of the Work of my father Frederick John RANSOM born November 1911, he from age 12 a compiler of RANSOM genealogy 1920s/1960s (with professional help) : aided tremendously by RANSOM families worldwide who often had cupboards full of our histories because they too were SEA Traders from BC into AD times & into the 17th to 19th centuries ( until steam & technology sailed in )

OUR RANSOM BRIDES, BC to AD 20th centuries : of 14 Races & 27 nations :

We accept a little dowry of seashore lands & always keep in touch with our in-laws : OUR CHINESE BRIDES : they have taught us Philosophy : Miss Mongolia is acceptable to ZHENG HE` when he comes aboard 2 hours - returning for 5 hours to talk

We are granted permission to fly ZHENG HE` his private FLAG

because we were not boring but well informed in histories of the known world and systems, literature, music, and Miss Siberia Mrs Ransom and Miss Mongolia Mrs Ransom have taught us an extension of the mind called `philosophy`

we shall keep out of the way when he comes by with his gigantic ships Every inch a man ! He came aboard again - stayed 5 hours - thank heavens our wives had taught us Philosophy - result is we are to Fly his Flag and take messages of Trade as far as India and we are allowed to deal for ourselves in a little PORCELAIN (Diaries/letters/some at MONTROSE our 1500 Farm 2 miles from the Basin :