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NB : Margaret (Maggie) RANSOM (b 1505 ? or 1508/9 ?) marries 1st Carew 2nd Carew - returns to her own name RANSOM -

she direct descendant of the above RANSOM brothers who go EAST 1400 - has left the MONTROSE Farm and our lands in perfect order when she dies more than 92 years old = beginning of 17th century

1939 September = At MONTROSE a CRIME MOST HORRIBLE : Upon our legally owned RANSOM FARM and lands = the PIMP Jim Jong now Major James/Carew/ etc - this-and-that rushes up to Montrose with British Army thugs - Len Immanuel Ransom, born October 1921 ( whose mother JEAN still dancing JIM JONG PIMP helped poison autumn 1938 ) is to marry his 4th cousin a Miss Weddell of the Argentine October 1939 in England ( they have both lost their mothers, but have good fathers ) = they have been firm friends since children :

1939 October : After the marriage THEY WILL GO TO our RANSOM MONTROSE FARM : we all call once a year many American RANSOMS came too, before 2nd World War : the old Ransom couple are childless but they like all of us to come visiting : The American RANSOMS go sailing in the Basin = Ida, Ivy and boys … others come from 3, 4, 5, 6, generations back …

This sacred place is regarded as our roots, our heimat = where your heart is … the books are used by the scholarly … the paintings known …

1939 OCTOBER : LENNIE & his bride had to be stopped visiting : my young father received news of a disaster - THAT THE OLD RANSOM RELATIVES HAD GONE MISSING : It is 1944 before he hears of the HIDEOUS MURDER by petrol and a fire pyre … done by JIMMIE JONG for the CROWN …

1939 SUMMER - JIMMIE PIMP has a 2 man unit he calls `Intelligence` back of Buckingham Palace - he held a 2 room apartment here from 1921 - He is a dangerous chum since he is a child of LINDSAY-Lindsey Earls, and GLAMIS CASTLE Bowes Lyon families




( MEMO : Violet nee Lindsay Lady Rutland ARTIST, tells her friend Mary Helena Gordon October-November 1937 `a child that always worried you Jimmie - he made me uneasy at the tea-table from 11 years of age (1909/10) : his mother and I are now waiting for the Document from the Magistrate & he can be put in the Asylum we fear for the younger brother `

1937 REPORTS : CLACTON-on-SEA : `1937 SUMMER : see pages for 1937 November SATURN MET A LADY =

I `Greetha` Ransom collected from The Convent School of Saint Clare am present that late afternoon and evening : & on the earlier visit October 1937 of VIOLET ARTIST she puts me into school and then calls on my great-aunts the Misses Williams Bessie and Annie-artist : they the daughters, as my grandmother Mary Gordon, of TERESA Murphy CARROLL CLASSICIST - :

Violet ARTIST died December 1937 - it was said she had drugs-heroin in her evening handbag :

Mr JIM is still free : The Document from the Magistrate authorizing his mother and she to LOCK HIM UP did not arrive in time Summer 1939 he is calling himself a British Army `Major` left hand of his childhood chum ANGELA : they have several appearances and at Bulford Camp 1940/41 wintertide :


1939 September : with thugs in ARMY gear JIMMIE JONG (now an Army Major of various names) directed these `recruits for special duties` And they helped him pour petrol into the innards of the old childless RANSOM couple :

This psychopath MANIAC is reported by several persons ` All that SUMMER 1939 he JIM was piping that the old couple had committed TREASON = THEY WERE GOING TO WELCOME IN THE JAPANESE FLEET TO THE BASIN up at MONTROSE

MEMO : He is a known filthy little LIAR 19teens and addicted to a dangerous narcotic grown by SCOTLAND NOBLES called DIVINORUM SALVIA SCOTLAND : It is used by SCOTLAND NOBLES to give a feeling of MANIAC STRENGTH and DESIRE - especially for MONEYS etc it hits the BRAIN in 2 seconds Reports from 2 worldwide known and respected Medical Institutions 1970 :

1939 September : Our RANSOM farm of 1500 AD standing in its own lands had JIM and Army gear thugs for 2 days : they took away the old couple for a few hours began emptying the house - books/paintings/ then burned much of the contents of farm - this included the clothes of the old RANSOM couple they were brought back and made to lean over the front of one of the lorries petrol was used on them :

1944 : a man with them in 1939 September, at the end of 2nd World War has dared question all this violence

REPORT : JIMMIE of the 1920s-1930s Racing scandals - calling himself a MAJOR that Summer 1939 took away from the isolated Farm house all paintings furniture books that he did not order burned we saw that the building had Swastikas and Rising Suns done in chalks JIM said it was the local people who objected to this family and their relatives they had reported they feared JAPANESE and GERMAN SHIPS SAILING IN …”

JIM said - it was known to the WAR OFFICE that these people RANSOM FAMILIES had big connections to Germany - and to THE JAPS = Japan the old couple were taken away for questioning - brought back & JIM said they had been found guilty of TREASON

he had orders to stop them getting any messages out to their GERMAN and JAPANESE Agents :

1939 September : THE BRITISH MURDER of the two old RANSOM owners of The RANSOM FARM of 1500

THE TWO BODIES WERE BURNED he used petrol on them first poured it down his throat put it with a funnel up her behind - while they were alive

Major JIMMIE excitedly described the planned SLAUGHTER of the LOCAL PEOPLE that these RANSOM families had been arranging ALL THAT SUMMER all these JAPS were to come ashore with swords The others with us, about 7 of us, were angry scared they followed his orders he was in British Army uniform of a Major


JIM JONG enjoys committing these bestial crimes : he has never had much money and now he is to have THE ISLAND OF ARRAN Western Hebrides as his PAYMENT for helping his friend ANGELA ( in the Palace with a Crown )

1953 The RANSOM ESTATE owns 98 acres of it - many copies the WILL are in possession of responsible persons abut the globe : JIM, now Sir/cur JAMES, Steward-barman of WHITES CLUB St James` preaches in this CLUB that this ESTATE is given to ANGELA by an OLD ESKIMO Old ESKIMO NELL promised it to MAJESTY when she was a child paid for her wedding 1923 and let her draw MONEYS on the ESTATE anywhere about the world =

Why he Mr JONG had to travel with her 1920s=1930s on dreary years of `A PEACE MISSION ` to see she was not robbed by these fly-bitten nations of APES and ESKIMOS ::::

Nota bene : it is, of course, the usual JIM & IMPERIAL GANG lies they have planned from 1920s to topple GROTE-RANSOM `ELDORADO` and to share out between themselves = to keep the top of the BRITISH CLASS PYRAMID rich =

1920s : Some of the worst of Scotland Noble Tribes have got down to Westminster & WHITEHALL the Centre of British Government LORDS & SONS and CROWNS JIMMIE is also playing DOUBLE CROSS around the Earls and Lords LINDSAY-LINDSEY Tribes they believe he is helping them get a half of this ESTATE they will giver a HAND OUT of the ESTATE to chum Angela and her in-laws Scandinavia = THEY HAVE PLEDGED TO CLEAR THE CROWN DEBTS pay the money lenders overseas

Nota bene : ??? DID NOBLE BRITAIN LEARN ALL THIS CRIMINAL INSANITY FROM WATCHING GANGSTER MOVIES in Noble Private cinemas 1920s/1930s ? they are known for passing their dope syringes down the row and swigging liquor = A BOTTLE IN EACH PAW as their custom was when OFF PIMPING DUTY ???

1940 our Ransom Montrose Basin Farm closed for 2 years then cunningly declared to be The British CROWN PROPERTY Crown Estate :

(from an old Eskimo ?) :

1939 September REPORTS :

2 observers 1939 September in the long grass :

To them and their families for generations this hideous violence was known to be a part of SCOTLAND LIFE when NOBLES want to take your lands & nothing could be done to stop them :


LEN IMMANUEL RANSOM 1921 - killed 1981/2 E Coast Scotland

Flyer-musician-artist-illustrator & writer magazines - trained to run CANADA TRANSPORT RANSOM ESTATE -

stolen from us by Earls of LINDSAY-Lindsey 1948 bragging it is for THE CROWN from AN OLD ESKIMO : Dave Lindsey got CANADA TRANSPORT `in the RED twice 1950s 1960 shouts he did not want it - Angela and his father made him take this position - he wanted to go round and round like Uncle Thomas …”

REPORTS : (1960s-1980 evidence collected) Diary/tapes/ born 1921 Dr Len Immanuel RANSOM = also musician/artist/FLYER/illustrator/ writer and recorder of our family histories - he pays attention to our WEDDELL ancestry and that of SAN JULIAN INCA :

LIR I want to walk certain places again it will have to be alone as you are not allowed to come and remember happier times leave a record of our lives I have been to the Argentine - but they are not there yet I have recorded them and our lives, I also draw them :

1939 October :


North Pole is again marrying the South Pole :

In the autumn (1939) we were allowed to marry we went afterwards to Colchester and into an INN we all liked it was wonderful for us to be together again our happiness overflowed perhaps we all had a little more to drink than is our custom : My brother, your father organised everything, but you were missing … not there ? Of course, SHE had stopped you coming :

… Now I know that THEY were promising her half of all we had created … our family … the Estate … no one could imagine that they would attack the children - slay all the children in the HOMES :

And there was no JEAN … my brother Dr JOHN RAY had not met with us … not until 1941 = his father, our father here with us for our wedding, will be dead ` … Our brother John has been stopped knowing his mother and father since he was 17 years of age : A watch was kept on him … I have the evidence now :

our wedding … SHE was there (= Teresa E. Gordon Mrs R.) and she would not stop saying that we were too hasty - we should have waited a year to marry … in her opinion - in her opinion - in her opinion … … …

I could not understand her un-generosity after our wedding - She said several times ` that we should have waited a year - we were too hasty in her opinion …` She drank a lot : I was glad when your father got rid of her early = he may have brought her many drinks himself … we were all so happy just to be together again … we wanted to talk about other times when we were happy abroad … all of us helping run the miracle Estate … seeing that everyone under the umbrella was happy … could have a worthwhile life …`

Len Immanuel RANSOM remembering October 1939 :

NOTA BENE : 1939 October : LEN and his Bride, two young people, did not go to the RANSOM farm Montrose - our elderly kind relatives had already died a most HORRENDOUS DEATH : given to them by JIM JONG Major this-&-that, a psychopath : JIM & LINDSAY-Lindsey maniac psychopaths are employed to get rid of RANSOM heirs and evidence of the Estate … and by MOONLIGHT the Estate can be claimed as properties of the BRITISH NOBLE LORDS & CROWNS …


JIMMIE JONG the 42 years old psychopath is half Chinese & that respectable family had to throw him out of CHINA for murdering a family member, and robberies & mad joke crimes before he was 21 years of age : He is half British by an RN father, now dead, who took a minor Diplomatic duty at Port Arthur - met a rich Western educated Chinese girl …

Born 1898/99_= `dirty JIM JONG PIMP` now a MAJOR British Army is in Buckingham Palace - serving his childhood chum `ANGELA ` of Bowes Lyon Clan & Premier Earls G.B. and Scotland the LINDSAY-Lindseybuggarhs :

NB: He has had a 2-room apartment at the back of Buckingham Palace since 1921 - he has access the Yard and back door : With others he/ they can also use the deserted Alexandra Palace :

1939/1940 = He JIM JONG of an apartment Buckingham Palace Major James Carew/O`Carroll/ MacMurphy/ this-and-that =

had put by `MOONLIGHT` in The Whitehall WAR Records …

that `the RANSOM Montrose Farm couple suspected of plotting to aid JAPAN and GERMANY had gone missing : all RANSOM family must be investigated, Britain, USA, elsewhere - and their other branches including WEDDELL Argentine and Britain etc :

… He insisted, by MOONLIGHT, that RANSOM were claiming lands the known lawful properties of the BRITISH CROWN = CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION ` blah blah blah blah blah blah` only to be seen when situation considered necessary :

READER should grasp : The British Government Lords & SONS and CROWNS … are muttering by `MOONLIGHT` that they are threatened by RANSOM families : RANSOM families are known worldwide as the undisputed legal owners of worldwide ESTATE GROTE HOMES for CHILDREN built on RANSOM LANDS and funded by RANSOM `Joyous Venture` centuries old RESPECTED ESTATE :

But the NOBLE BRITISH GOVERNMENT, its LORDS and SONS, believe in their right to PLUNDER = by MOONLIGHT - and have a SHARE OUT to KEEP top CLASS very RICH and BRUTAL … control world trade etc :

( MEMORANDUM : from 20th century REPORTS etc. = assembled by human beings : GR for her MARTYRS and continuing RANSOM families : )


READER can find the many Reports as I assembled them in my Document in 3 parts `1937 SUMMER etc `

Relevant short pieces are appearing on since spring 2012

WORDPRESS is used for quick publication and generally for assembling/editing/gathering pieces MY SPACE earlier advised RANSOM families and scholars Twitter is used for reference pieces - FACEBOOK

This work a loving duty to all these M A R T Y R S

so they be never forgot


We must try keep clear of the many monsters of the deep



1939 on into 1970s

History of Montrose farm & lands VIOLENCE :

1945 - RANSOM FARM and LANDS : Rented by Crown Estate to posh tenants until 1973/75 = it was then pulled down, all landmarks obliterated RANSOM property sold off fraudulently . as with much else in GROSS BRITAIN from autumn 1937 and into the British Wartime 1940s :

( MEMO : 1960 the `Territorials` and other good men had begun to work silently to `despatch` the British & Scandinavian killers of the GROTE HOMES CHILDREN - some had been seen, recognised, and now drew big INCOME from these sites built upon Ransom lands :

During the 2nd World War some of the carnage worldwide done to GROTE CHILDREN ages 4-5 years to 17-20 years, and staff and teachers, had been seen by men in British Uniform - they rarely recovered from the experience : It is spoken about from Records 1985-88 )

c 1973 Ransom Montrose Farm/ 1942/44 registered as Crown Estate land - the last posh tenant, he looks rather MORGUE FACE NEO NAZI, had a lorry load of sand and gravel tipped over him in retaliation for the horrible painful murder of DR JOHN RAY Ransom spring-early summer 1969 : it had been proved he received moneys for helping with this old style petrol murder of the British Scottish NOBLES

Who is JJR ? he the 2nd son of Frederick Charles Frobisher RANSOM and Jean nee Weddell ballerina, born c 1917/1918, an American Citizen, 3 degrees Astrophysics/Animal Management/LAW = 1960-1969 working for WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT :

1969 late spring-early summer this heir to RANSOM ESTATE is invited over the same doorstep of 1500 : he was immediately grabbed by 4 men, petrol poured down his throat pushed outside the door he ran and ran across his Family lands of 500 and more years :

( b Scotland 1912 ) Doctor `Mengele` HARRINGTON known as Him the Royal Satrap & paedophile

appeared and fired a gun at the head of Dr John RAY Ransom : Doc `Mengele` HARRINGTON shouting an obscene phrase relevant to this 1938-1954 GENOCIDE

= of GROTE HOMES CHILDREN and RANSOM `Joyous Venture` Estate of Philanthropy

THIS WAS SEEN : 1969 = Two witnesses working on the land were got off shore - one described a man running from another who had fired at him with a gun so that he had flames coming from his head : they never properly recovered from witnessing this most barbaric murder :

Of course it is a PURPLE MOONLIGHT matter of the British Lords & sons, the Government & Crowns : All of them have been collecting rents and sales = no Income Tax to be paid = from our RANSOM lands :



Early 15th century CHINA : WE, two RANSOM BROTHERS and families, BECAME NICELY RICH ! Stayed friends with ZHENG HE`

could marry 1450 a daughter of HUE ARTAN a great man

RANSOM BROTHERS 1480s are at BRUGES : we are Sea Traders, financiers in shipping ways & manners, always farming along our East Britain ancestral shores : 15th-16th centuries with artist friends - to include a young man called JOOS van Cleve and 1504 make a 2nd marriage with JAPAN to an older Royal line Okinawa :

her dowry 2 little islands at the end of the LUSAN CHAIN ours into 1950s agreement with civilized persons

we visited Okinawa 1512 taking our two sons received a Dowry the marriage approved diaries F. RANSOM of Montrose Farm :

1938 My Pedagogue FJR my father is saying to Lennie and me our Saturday morning school `we must have been very slit eyed in those days I mean slant eyed I do seem to have it and some of us in the families do but you two are round eyed

Greta Ransom - who has gathered up the above - Margaret Maggie RANSOM Carew Carew RANSOM was a bright STAR in the dark nights of my childhood :

Assembling the original records of our histories a few years ago was dramatic & painful very often - holding hands again with our MARTYRS but our 16th-17th centuries MARGARET Maggie RANSOM survived by being a great HUMANIST as her forebears



I intend the happy interesting history of MAGGIE RANSOM as the birthday gift to my only son Pete her descendant too : P. R.R.W. 1970-1998 :

but he had threats and insane mutterings, around him from just before his birth - : The stories I wrote 1980s `ACE ACE and ACE` - LIFE at The PILLAR HOUSE HARWELL where the Whitehead children lived 1968=1993 tell of happy times = They had three pets all with the same name it was seen by somebody in Oxford on a motorbike !

So using their phrases, their daily lives, photos, these pets, Ace-Cat - Ace-Mouse - Ace-gold-Fish, I have recorded the children young and entering their teens, within the history of the village and area, visits to Old Sarum and ancient places, people they know :

3 of the stories are on and beginning is the collected PHOTOGRAPHS and text by Pete, his friends and life, on this same site :

Also on my JIMDO site is beginning a big collection of paintings by children 1930s-1960s (Convent of Sacred Heart Hammersmith/London) : LAGOS - Missionary School 1940/41 Dr & Mrs Broadbent : Harwell Village School 1950s : a little work from other schools :

Teacher is the Artist Mary Cotton/or Dudley-Short/ Mrs Mary-Mollie Freeman :

By way of contrast : a few paintings and craft work 1960s-1970s/80s by the Pillar House Children is slipping in here and there - our Classical Ruins holidays/Manor Preparatory Shippon Manor Abingdon/St Birinus Didcot/perhaps other schools


Little Peter = Pete, P.R.W. heard of his ancestress Maggie Carew Ransom from cousin Julie Butler by the time he was 11 years old - she admired Maggie :

Greta RANSOM - GAUL - August 21st 2012 AD


Of the Months - 12 Sonnets - Folgore da San Geminiano


Let baths and wine-butts be November`s Due,

With thirty mule-loads of broad gold-pieces;

And canopy with silk the streets that freeze;

And keep your drink-horns steadily in view,

Let every trader have his gain of you;

Clareta shall your lamps and torches send,-

Caeta, citron-candies without end;

And each shall drink, and help his neighbour to.

And let the cold be great, and the fire grand:

And still for fowls, and pastries sweetly wrought

For hares and kids, for roast and boiled, be sure

You always have your appetites at hand;

And then let night howl and heaven fall, so naught

Be missed that makes a man`s bed-furniture.

D.G. ROSSETTI translating : 13th century - 12 Months


PART 3 - RANSOM ANCESTRY & Histories -

Will continue as my editing progresses :