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1938 Summer - we hear kind people say in big gardens where we are invited to lunches - teas- “ THE RANSOM CHILDREN - Going to run GROTE for dear Margarethe- they are quite able to take over - they are showing they can… ”

There are some lovely people we meet…& to read about here…she of 101 who writes & visits in her afternoons… another Honoria-Rachel a Frenchwoman in her 70s - she pretends to be a Catholic poorly beggar woman when the Lindsaybuggarhs are about - Granny & she get a letter or note from ‘young Paccelli’ - Kind teachers & Convent School Nuns - Clacton & area townsfolk & small businesses who hath called me Miss North Pole from birth -

This world ANDRE MALRAUX & JO a young lady writer have entered into 1937 summer holiday - by late November their POST/mails STOLEN evermore ! ANDRE MALRAUX LEGAL GUARDIAN !

1970 in winter - ANDRE MALRAUX - he says to PJPW -

“ I ACCEPTED Peter the Guardianship of Greetha in October 1937 upon getting a letter from a Margaret Grote but it had no address to reply to but it says I AM TO HEAR MORE - I hoped to hear more from our friends at the seaside & we had said we would return the next year - I believed this inheritance once or twice spoken upon was from the family of Mary Gordon & her sisters who had run a MISSION with girls their own age Liverpool - Manchester…the turn of this century-

WE HAD BEEN IN SPAIN Peter…the year before…IT WAS BLOODY… I came with Jo, to be my chosen wife…for 2 weeks…we stayed 5...then went to LINCOLN taking Greetah with us …we had PERMISSION her grandmother Mary Gordon…a woman still young as far as I was concerned…SHE HAD MUCH TO TELL ME OF HER LIFE I was especially interested in her experiences in IRELAND …» !

1970 February - The Pillar House of the immortal books for children LLB … PJPW has closed the dining-room hatch impatiently… where I GRW sit in the little kitchen because it is more comfortable to take shorthand…& my sitting across the table from MALRAUX is believed to be stressful to him … I think he wants to touch my hand & cradle me …

He the retired BURGERMEISTER OF PARIS, THE YOUNG EMPEROR OF GAUL come to his winter & too early … has offered in 1969 all of us a holiday in SPAIN with Len driving…we will all go to a place IN THE ESTATE…where children were taken by Tiggy in the holidays - I AM NOT TOLD THIS … EVIL EVIL EVIL is about us ….IT DRIPS BLOOD & GORE MONEYS … displays itself about our seashores … brags in its secret silences what it has taken off THE APES & ESKIMOS…



1970 - ANDRE MALRAUX continues :


… Sadly I did not know who Margaret Grote was other than an Aunt to Greetha - We … Josette & myself … expected to return 1938 perhaps at Easter time …»


I came to see Greetha - we had not to be seen in this countryside Earls Colne near Colchester - We did not know to begin with WHERE the evil was coming from … except we had experienced VIOLENCE from JIM for a number of years … a bar rat … running WHITES CLUB … he had a Chinese mother with an apartment in Paris before the War … he speaks good French & Chinese …”

1960 January - I spoke to Greetha the night I arrived from outside the caravan - I had arrived late & WE DID NOT WISH TO BE SEEN IN THE AREA - Mr Poulter agreed immediately with this when we said it was about some property she was to inherit at 21 years when she was with them working in the Castle - he began to recall some things -

It was after 10 pm & she had gone to bed …You have seen the small meadow …” (PJPW refers to his watercolour done July 1967 when Rex Hull retired Curator explained some MALRAUX-RANSOM matters to him earlier that afternoon )

1970 - “ I MALRAUX … began … that late night visit … by calling myself The Burgermeister of Paris - Oh … a personal matter… a book we were given some years before by Mr Poulter --- printed 15th century - The Goodman of Paris… Menagier`s wife - an extract … a part translation an explanation…printed by a young woman who died too young ”

/MEDIEVAL PEOPLE Eileen Power 1924 - the historian steps into the kitchens/Penquin …/A PARIS HOUSEWIFE IN THE 14th century …/The Menagier de PARIS/

“ I … MALRAUX … had duties in France & abroad … I was in my London home a half of the month … I could not understand at all at this time … for a number of years in fact … that she Greetah would not comprehend me immediately … Later we understood there were substances in the caravan put by others in her beverages … it had been happening in MY HOME 50 Lancaster Gate Square … to both of us Malone felt this was happening … but by then we were being all kept apart IT DESCENDED INTO MADNESS AGAIN… I suffered another bereavement I had to keep on with my JOB … in FRANCE … ??? DOPES in the kitchen - Old trick used by the worthless … it goes on here, in your country, in the highest circles …” !

1970 - “ … I … Andre Malraux … have not given up my Guardianship - I want to explain the matter has been fraught with violent & savage persecution - to all of us - myself my sons- it caused her death their mother - early on - Violent persecution had always occurred - Greta & I experienced it 1953 but I did not recognise it sufficiently -

It became obvious when she came to live in my London home summer 1957 I returned from taking the boys on a journey early October … to begin with she seemed happy but not to remember me from the spring & early summer when I had to leave November … I prowled about her & she came to like me very much … … …

1970 - I did not know why we were the subject of these bizarre attacks - why the hatred directed at us from your class Peter came from the very TOP - Why were we in danger ? These men & some of the women lived quite dirty lives ! I wanted a settled HOME as I had with Josette my chosen wife ! As we had that SUMMER at the seaside … 1937 …”

(1970 Malraux ) Attempts of MURDER /1953-1959/came at us & at my boys & some of my staff … It was BECAUSE YOUR NATION STOLE MY POST/mail - from 1937 Christmas time - it went on - it never stopped ! IT HAS NEVER STOPPED ! I am warning you about Teresa- like all of them- she goes insane

“ …An Earl & his family - British & all of them- Imperial figures- some dissolute nobles - all had ear-marked this Estate for themselves far back - late 19th century … in the 1920s they BEGAN TO MAKE PLANS TO-GETHER - they referred to the creators as Eskimos- adding Apes - after the marriage made in the sub-arctic …”

… “ 1957 - 20 years after learning of my Guardianship your nation continued to steal my Post- my mail - Why did no one step forward - speak to me ? People were either too terrified to speak - or they believed I knew … & some felt or were certain … that it was a matter for my superior - now that I worked increasingly for him - General de GAULLE … ”

… THE WILL copy in the Gordon family ? That is a long & drear - painful matter … why she Miss MINNI (he sighs) … Miss Minni … did NOT hand me the WILL when I arrived a WIDOWER … I met her at the Winnclemanns near the Catholic Church in June 1945 … I knew of her from 1937 but she was away on holiday with her cousins … Greetah spoke of her that summer in very kind ways …”

1939-1950s - A GENOCIDE & DESTRUCTION OF PLANET EARTH in secret silence …

`…it is complained in a secret GREAT BRITAIN Parliamentary meeting that YOU Greta Ransom have a mud flats & have not drained it for years - so they have seen it is RIPE for development & have got an old Queen to have them take it from you - `

It is illegal to do this - the Crown & Earls Lindsay have NO CLAIM TO THIS ESTATE - or Angela at sometime a Queen - They are TRICKSTERS committing TREASON …” said the Chinese Legation/ Embassy London 1957...”

` The Mud flats is a small piece of shore & it is a natural habitat for wild life & the people who fish hunt there - they live in the forest you maintain - NOW IT HAS GONE - logged - the settlement families murdered - the place a dirty money making down - town holiday swamp -

“ … THE CROWN gets its share & they mouth at The Races about British Trade & ape Eskimo children should be given nothing at

All … They are growing this dope again … ”

( MEMO to the Fraudsters : THEFT : You are dirty bilge rats & piles of dogs dirt along the streets … G.R. )

THEY HAVE TRASHED GREAT PARTS OF THE ESTATE - trashed these other Nations by speaking so in silence in unlawful meetings held in the British Parliament buildings -when shutters closed & lamps lit - they are heroin doped-up crooks - they had no moneys - they paid the interest on the interest all the 1920s-30s … the Government Lords-Crown & the Nobles overseas grabbing too - Theft like this is how they have laid the globe low - strutting about well togged lewdly descending on other lands - NICKING off parts of a great piece of philanthropy to continue their high class debauchery … they are ignorant & have convinced themselves they are divine … THEIR GREED IS THEIR GOD … ”

1970s - “ ANDRE had nowhere to go after they murdered the boys - The thieves had no intention of having you & he produce ` the Messiah … ”

INFORMATION : A man who lives offshore - he was born of them

… but had no taste for their corruption… ”

1945 late summer : Upon 1937 Summer - Aunt Win said when he ANDRE is in her kitchen taking tea - you went into the Gift Shop - I was not there that summer for 3 months - I had gone to St Anne’s to stay with my cousins after a broken engagement … that did not suit his mother - but I heard all about your visit when I came back to work again for awhile at the Gift Shop -

` Greetha in Sunday clothes & a tall young man from SPAIN - you bought a present for JO the young lady with you sometimes - All the girls told me when I got back in September & how good looking he was - & he’d written a book - that men liked…”

1945 - My ex-ATS Aunt Winnie now is to be called Win & Aunt Win by nephews & nieces - She had walked me by the best restaurant with dancing on the Seafront & in the town speaking of 1937-

It was deserted- shuttered since before the WAR - I had already had an experience of un-tranquillity with George Colonel Andre that summer when he wished to walk on our 1937 summer footsteps -

Aunt Win began to reminded me of how Andre & JO & I & Stella stars Unity’s mother that summer 1937 … all went to this expensive place & she our hostess paid for it `as a treat` Yes some scenes arose as if from hundreds of years ago- `

I G.R. … will write some of that evening 1937 -

George ANDRE 1950s has given me back some of the memories from his notebooks - 1937 Summer `Andre puts me to sleep on his folded coat at his feet under the table -

( He doth not know he hath THE WORLD AT HIS FEET - Olivea-MINERVA Mrs James Weddell II , my great-grandmother …

would write a song perhaps - finding this amusing … yet he hath now got the raging FALLS of blood & gore falling into rivers about his knees … for evermore … )

1937 Summer - Andre & JO are swooping in dance there tall figures full of energy to a good Band of about 9 musicians- `NIGHT & DAY & the other popular 1930s tunes - They begin the supper when I begin to sleep under the table on his coat - then I awake to the lovely music playing on - & we all 3 go dancing together …

I on his shoulder - or held to his breast- he has one hand for holding JO in the dance - I am a bush baby with big eyes at night … We sit on the balcony where our table seems to be half in half out on the balcony where the big sliding glass windows are pulled open wide - 1937 our happiness’s …

11.30 pm - Then we go for a walk on the Promenade after sitting looking into the dark navy blue black night blending into the silver black sea & it is also a midnight dull silver blue to coal black sky where the electric lights reach - Some ships anchored far out with lights - steamers - fisher boats … & they remind me of current fashions of sequins on black & deepest velvet black-blue… There is the murmur of sea & soft voices in happy tones on the Pier - & along the Sea front in the grey & deep grey darkness the smell of fags - some different scents are miniature cigars … ladies wear scents …Coty l`Aimant is very popular -

-NO MONSTERS FROM THE DEEP - all gone to London Town & to SPAIN - the Murgatroyd Ethiopia Missionary Estate savage murder is done - but I G.R. do not know until October 1937-

1937 - That evening - that summer - we saw a world at ease & in our state of happiness it seemed perhaps peace would always be here - But there is talk of Germany & War & we have listened early mornings as newspapers are read along the Seafront & comments made - War talk drifts in short phrases from turned pages - some very concerned facesv… a shaking head or two about bad times to come … mention of The Great War that finished 1919... only 18 years ago …`

Perhaps the music Sand in my Shoes was danced to by us three - such a beautiful tune I think - What did they have for supper in this most expensive restaurant ? I do not recall or did not know - I had been fed by 7 pm … & had now to take my nap ( at 4 &-a-half years of age ) before rising refreshed from UNDER THE TABLEfor The Dancing until near Midnight !

1936 - I have seem JEAN my grand-mother dance The 3 Cornered Hat in Argentina at midnight … she does the splits in the air & wears black satin ballet shoes & has a fan … ANDRE-Saint George does not believe me at all … so I stop telling him things for his lovely eyes go wild & perhaps a bit frightened

1937 - JO‘s evening frock a disappointment :

… but she explained she has to have something that she can travel with & will not need pressing - Its a dull brick red with broad straps crossed over her bare back & a swirling skirt to her ankles. I had imagined her in a frock as the Hollywood film Romeo & Juliet Selzniek - Auntie Winnie & I saw it in the Odeon cinema some months ago - Or JO in organza-lace-embroidery-fairy like- Or a goddess as Margarethea in the oyster satin 1860s gown … her trousseau for New York & the Grote family gatherings - or when they SAIL IN - in the family ship `The Mary Rose` to Monaco or Venice or Alexandria …

There was a deathly hush as Margarethe & Tiggy stepped ashore in Japan 1860s - & then both of them greeted her Ransom line in their natural Japanese tongue - This is our Okinawa old Royal line the 1504 marriage of `Nihalah Lady Yuss=shampoo her bridal gown is rose-orange coloured… for the ceremony in Bruges Cathedral 1504 AD …

1937 - One day I will draw a frock for JO & see if she likes it … when we have a wet day … then Lennie could do the final design & I could pay for it to be made up … & after JO has worn it perhaps for her wedding … then it can be borrowed for other family weddings & dress brides of another nation - Aunt Margarethe had a scarlet wedding gown from SPAIN as her father always wanted to see one against the SNOWS The Greenland ladies had a sewing room a big one on Jacopsholmen

I TELL JO SOME THINGS … for she likes to make notes for ideas for her writings … which she is paid for …

1850s - Fred RANSOM - grandpa twice back … who is Margarethe’s father … ` was coming home in the dark on Jacopsholmen our Island & he saw a famous painting drift from one goodly home to another across the snows … Getting home he enquired of Gertrude `who was The RAPHAEL Madonna he had just passed as Jacop’s Church Bell rang` …

` Fred Ransom got used to this but some nights he had difficulty recognising his own wife if she was going to another home to show off her latest creation - so he built them a sewing room … The Greenland ladies not only copied the Paris fashions they copied all the paintings they saw when he took them a spin in the Mary Rose - for he never sailed empty of those he felt should see the world - it was very useful that they learned so swiftly & they were able to act in the great PLAY Seasons - not just play in the orchestra … Dick Wagner & the others … `

“ After Albert died he kept away from Great Britannia a bit - it was inhabited by high class monsters of racism all getting BROKE from gambling & at The RACES trying to compete with the rich Americans - he`d sail in quietly to Montrose Basin to his brother John Ransom & the family … if he had to … ”

1937 Summer - By the Gift Shop Clacton-on-Sea is the Kinema Cinema a privately owned cinema once an old Music Hall- & I tell ANDRE George sometimes Saint of the German & Italian films I see with Daddy, Uncle Harry & Lennie - & others - They have sub-titles in white - everybody in the family speaks other languages but not all of us - sometimes there are silent films for the old people on a Wednesday afternoon & evening - - Grandpa used to like Charlie Chaplin & The Policeman -

1945 May - When ANDRE Colonel Malraux George RETURNS Widower 1945 … he will ask the father & son who own it if they could show some footage of his SPAIN FILM he has made with JO - then it was settled it could be shown in a schoolroom somewhere over at Manningtree - I went & saw some scenes … then Uncle Harry Gordon came & took me back to Aunt Win … I recall feeling odd & nervous & a PAUPER … I expect SHEshe has been howling like a Banshee & giving me MESSAGES from Noble divinities … Records/diaries/letters there were …. DOCUMENTS GALORE !

1945 summer - Colonel ANDRE widower George wishes to discuss about his FILM with Armstrong Geographer, Cambridge University - OUR teacher of history/geography in the War years 1942/45 when the teachers dashed about everywhere having an allowance of petrol for a car - Mr Armstrong knew LAWRENCE of Arabia a bit- RAF-

1930s - SPAIN - ESPOIR Sierra de Teruel/music Darius MILHAUD The Film is black-white & can be got Video-GAUL ( filmed 1936/1938-1946...) hopefully DVD … it is the portraying of the spirit/soul… of the dreadful normality amidst the BLOODINESS HAPPENING in places where normal families LIVE … but you need to be a HUMANIST to follow him in this medium … JOSETTE added the scene of the old man with the donkey up the steps…they had seen it in `a place daily`

1936 the old man agreed to re-enact it 1938

Our RANSOM-Weddell-San Julian-Gronlander … straight line ancestry SAILING DOWN THE SEAS THE CENTURIES would immediately understand what ANDRE MALRAUX is sketching with this FILM - & some of our branches OFF the above four main families 18th-19th centuries too … “ Darius MILHAUD got the Lindsaybuggarhs booting in his door with JIM - he gave them a sour look & took up his score…”

1864-1950s GROTE HOMES - educating tiny children of the world, some from birth flung in gutters … to 18 years with 3-4 languages all religions & HUMANISM ... They are the creation of TIG with highly intelligent people the GLOBE … situated on his wife`s ancestral family lands - Margarethe RANSOM girl of the GREENLAND snows … R A N S O M Families who left Jutland (records back to 5th century B.C. ) arrived 77 AD Thames Flow & Londinium ….

20th century - Darius MILHAUD as so many world wide composers could drop in to a GROTE HOME where the children were skilled musicians & always had a choir … Recall that old young VARESE slung a hammock with us in South America 1930s … & Mrs Varese who knows Paul Whiteman & his Band he has sleep until noon in the hay took us shopping, Len & me Greetah, New York 5th Avenue, & bought me for my 3rd birthday the lovely fawn-pink-ghost moonlight sheen colour frock … it had petals for the overskirt … puffed sleeves & a fitted bodice … the MONSTER GROSS BRITAIN DIPLOMAT AMBASSADOR WHO STOLE MY CASE WHEN I AM KIDNAPPED BACK gave it to his 2 daughters … May he toil for 10,000 years on a mountain top in the snows ….

I NO LONGER FELT THIS LITTLE DWARF… R A N S O M … who can LIFT cousin Clarke`s oil drums to his car for the long drive back … he is finishing a film called SAN FRANCISCO …& brought us SOME STILLS… he knows Uncle Bela too … “ who would have been a fine Lawyer back in the lands of Frankenstein…” says LENNIE FLYER …

1937 Summer - I see JOJo&Jo go into the Hairdressers next the Kinema - Andre & I told to stay by the Tree in the centre of the town with the wood circle of seats around & not go wandering off for hours- she JO has a shopping basket on her arm & people say to us nowadays - `Where’s JO- ? ANDRE George Colonel Spain answers Oh … gone round the Town - we are to wait here for her return … ” ( & not wander off for hours ! )

… he is content - WATCHING THE WORLD GO BY -

… This is the phrase of Miss Annie Agnes Carroll Williams my artist great-aunt of `Stella Maris … ` a nice big romantic feeling when you get inside house … close to the St Clare‘s Convent school- Here in our small town Clacton ANDRE takes 5 weeks WATCHING THE WORLD GO BY when we are not doing so many things beside the SEAS


ANDRE MALRAUX 1937 - would hath been warned of the MONSTERS TRYING TO SCALE THE ESTATE … if RANSOM family had not had to go to SPAIN to rescue the 22 years old cousin Murgatroyd managing the little Estate by the shores & the tiny marmalade factory & translating the COPTIC RECORDS of a 900 years Trading Settlement Ethiopia unknown to historians -

trunk of records given to Aunt & Uncle Murgatroyd Ethiopian Missionaries to take to a place of study & safety for the GLOBE- The Earls Crawford Lindsaybuggarhs in 1936 got hold of these records in a trunk & buried them in the bare earth near the ESTATE SPAIN BY THE SEA

Ethiopia - They had been kept by a senior & noble member of these families - who felt he had now to lose his life - they were family letters- trade bills- world conditions the times…through these ages …